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  1. 4.2.4 Sync crashes and audio issues

    Anybody experienced unusual screen or audio behavior since updating to 4.2.4? My F-150 is having periodic freeze ups and crashes of the center 12” screen, and audio glitches when the back up camera displays. They didn’t occur prior to the Power Up to. 4.2.4 I received on 6/9.
  2. Confusing Ford Email Sync4a/Ford Power-Up

    Did anybody who doesn’t have a 4a vehicle get this 4a related update email today? I am guessing either Ford made a mistake, doesn’t keep their 4/4a mailing lists separate, or also has a 4 update coming and botched the email?
  3. CarPlay enabled weather radar app?

    Is anybody aware of a CarPlay enabled weather radar app that can use the display? I often visit areas with highly variable weather and it would be great to use that big 12” screen instead if my phone, but so far it looks like nothing is able to do it. Even an app that could relay NOAA weather...