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  1. 2021 Payload stickers

    Do you have any data to support that? This is the first I have heard of that and it would be different from how it was calculated in the past.
  2. March 1 Build Week

    Checked Friday and found the window sticker.
  3. Ford Truck Month promotion coming next month says Ford!

    Platinum 701a, picking up in Iowa 50109. Thanks!
  4. 2021 Lariat vs discounted 2020 Platinum or KR

    You could also shop around. I have a ‘21 701a platinum on the way and expect to pay <$62k after incentives and the crystal clear, aggressive pricing from Granger Ford in Iowa.
  5. March 1 Build Week

    My build has the following: work surface Max tow Moonroof BO Unleashed (701a) Spray in bedliner Curious what others are seeing in the VIN tracker. My dealer tells me 3/2 build date but I’m not seeing a firm date in the VIN tracker. Is that to be expected?
  6. March 1 Build Week

    My truck is scheduled to be built March 2 according to my salesman. VIN tracker still has not assigned a date. Fingers crossed. Platinum, 4x4, 5.5 foot bed, EB, carbonized grey over carmelo, max tow, moon-roof and max tow...
  7. Has anyone been able to use two PCOs?

    If you can't I will buy one from you!
  8. (Feb 13) 2021 F-150 Production Constraints

    Yikes. I guess my platinum with max tow and bedliner probably won’t get built March 1 as I was told.
  9. 5.0L vs Ecoboost

    Have an ecoboost in my ‘13 and ordered it again for my ‘21. I want the low end torque for towing, plain and simple. If I weren’t towing as much, I’d probably opt for the v8. MPG is probably exactly the same, despite Fords claims. I agree with the comments that less complexity means fewer items...
  10. Just picked up My Platinum Hybrid

    Congrats! I have a carbonized grey platinum on the way. Can’t wait.
  11. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Just received my VIN, so added my truck to the order list. 1FTFW1E80MFB04617 Platinum, 4x4, EB, carbonized grey/carmelo, max tow.
  12. Star White Platinum (stock) leveled with 2.25” ReadyLIFT

    Glad to hear you are happy with it. It looks a lot like my current white platinum that is leveled. The previous owner did it to mine and I was convinced that contributed to what I felt was an overly harsh ride. My few test drives in the 2021 I was blown away by the difference in compliance and...
  13. Star White Platinum (stock) leveled with 2.25” ReadyLIFT

    Looks great! Did the level change the ride/compliance at all?
  14. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Hey guys, Lawson from Dallas. I have a 2013 F-150 Platinum, EB 4x4 that has served me well. I bought it used with 45k on it in 2016. Now it has 114k miles on it. I started shopping for an HD truck for a better towing experience (tow probably ~5k miles per year depending on race schedule with a...
  15. Wonders Never Cease!

    Congrats! I ordered a '21 platinum a week and a half ago. I was very tempted to go with a KR, as I like the two tone exterior quite a bit. I couldn't get over the fact that all surfaces on the interior are brown, and I like brown. Might go check out a local one this weekend and see what it looks...
  16. Custom Build help

    I have no experience with these shocks. If for 95% road use, I see no reason why the fox shocks shouldn’t go for a long time without needing a rebuild. Any shock, if used for off road frequently might start leaking at a seal and need a service. If typical road use, I really don’t see that...
  17. Custom Build help

    I don’t think spacers are the way to go if preserving ride quality is the top priority, based on my experience with my 2013.
  18. King Ranch / Platinum / Limited Payload Sticker thread

    Well I guess I need to determine if the stronger axle (with no resulting GVWR increase), the rear bumper (how is it upgraded?), the third leaf spring and the rear sway bar are worth the $900. I would think in the real world when towing, yes. But, that is at the cost of my payload.
  19. King Ranch / Platinum / Limited Payload Sticker thread

    So if max tow doesn’t guarantee the beefier axle, I’m having a really hard time leaving it on my order. I can get the 3.55 and larger fuel tank for $900 less on a platinum build. What am I missing?
  20. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    I was going to buy a 250, but they are just huge. I wouldn't be able to park in my spot at work because it is too tall. Length is an issue for me as well. I would probably consider the powerboost if it fit within my payload needs.