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  1. Visier

    Suspension lift kit impact on final ride height (FX4)

    I'm looking at doing a lift and level to get a little more clearance for off-road driving. I have an XLT with the FX4 sport package. Currently at stock, the rear is as high as I would ever want it. The rail of the bed comes up to chin level on me, yet the front end is very low. Of course a...
  2. Visier

    Active Air Dam in action - deploying at 45 mph

    This is an interesting concept that I really wish they had spent more time on... both with testing/R&D and consumer awareness. I wasn't aware I was getting this on the new model, and I wouldn't have wanted it simply because I plan to remove the air dam most of the time anyway. Since this now...
  3. Visier

    My 2021 F-150 build : XLT. LeadFoot. Raptor lights. 2.5" level kit. Method wheels. Toyo tires.

    Awesome build. Thanks for sharing. Definitely want to try something like this myself. Hate the grill that comes on the XLTs.
  4. Visier

    2021 F-150 build with 3" Rough Country Lift, 20" Fuel Wheels, 35" Nitto Trail Grapplers, Dual Exhaust

    This pretty much checks all the boxes I’m after in updating my stock model. Inquiring minds want to know more.
  5. Visier

    Off-road Tire Recommendations for 20" Sport Set-up?

    I do some occasional off-roading for camping and overlanding in the southeastern US. My new truck has the 20" aluminum wheels with the sport appearance package and FX4 set-up (XLT trim). I love the way it looks stock, except for the conservative tires which I'm sure to replace well before they...