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  1. Ceramic Coating requires top clear coat layer to be removed?

    Do you wax before applying the sealer? If so what wax do you like for going under the sealer?
  2. Active Air Dam in action - deploying at 45 mph

    Next model year............Laffin'
  3. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    Where are you seeing to get a price on a trade in? All that comes up for me is get an internet price or a test drive. Should I look on a local dealer site and not the Ford site?
  4. Ford Truck Month promotion coming next month says Ford!

    I know I'll need to order to get what I want. Does truck month only apply to in stock take delivery then? I'm in 27302 and will go XLT 302A or Lariat. I need the better headlights.
  5. 2021 Super Cabs

    Can you get the lockable underseat rear storage in the super cab?
  6. PowerBoost 7.2kw onboard generator saves the day (3 days) during Texas power outage

    Why do you have to power the fridge when it climate change 3 degrees?
  7. 2nd $2,500 PCO

    It's pretty obvious the same third cousin of Henry Ford Jr. four times removed is in charge of PCO's and spraying rust proofing on the axles before they hit the salt. He's likely on some desert island right now oblivious to the zillions he's costing the company that floats his lazy, stupid azz...
  8. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    Haw anyone ever got a Ford PCO that never owned a Ford previously?
  9. Has anyone driven 21 w/5.0L, is there a dash indicator for the cylinder deactivation?

    I wish somebody would do a highway mile average at 65-68 I don't drive at 75 ever unless momma is about to drop another kid.
  10. Rust on rear end of 2021 F-150 -- any others?

    You would think some mid level Ford manager would have enough sense to order the line to spray a couple of cans of anti rust on the undersides before they ship. What would that cost--15 bucks? Reminds me of my work---it's always two steps forward three steps back. Clowns. Here Ford I just saved...
  11. 5.0L vs Ecoboost

    I don't know all the available engines back in 2000 but I think F-150's had 205 horsepower then. It's odd to me that the base V-6 is so un-popular at 290 hp
  12. 5.0L vs Ecoboost

    I think that issue is not the base V-6 used in the truck but an engine used in passenger cars.
  13. Changing the Lariat Sport Brown Accents

    I think that's actually the grey leather interior.
  14. Standard Lariat photos?

    I can't tell from the pics---does this black interior delete the burgundy / brown accent color?
  15. 2021 Super Cabs

    I've been to three dealers and not seen one yet. I find it totally bizarre they are not a dime a dozen. Have zero use for a bed I can't sleep in. Plus they look so much better!
  16. 36 gallon gas tank issue

    I remember reading something somewhere that guys were having issues starting trucks parked on an incline because sensor thought the tank was dry when it was actually a 1/4 tank. I remember one guy said he could never let his tank get below 1/4 tank or else. Anyone know about this and have they...
  17. Fake engine sound

    Does the V-8 also have fake sound pumped in? Seems redundant if it does.