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  1. My 2021 Platinum build is complete 💆🏻

    Can you open the power tailgate with the MX4 cover closed?
  2. My 2021 Platinum build is complete 💆🏻

    I’m new to aftermarket wheels- love these- can the OP or anyone else reading her comment on how durable the finish is with regard to scratching the dark finish? Thanks!
  3. My 2021 Platinum build is complete 💆🏻

    Can I ask what brand of tint and what % transmission on the windshield- I would love to have that put on my soon-to-arrive Platinum. Can you tell it's there at night? I read some stories about weird light refraction coming through even clear tints at night with headlight glare. Thanks!
  4. My 2021 Platinum build is complete 💆🏻

    Apologize if I missed it in your video, but did you get tint on the entire windshield, if so, what type is it? Truck looks great!
  5. F-150 Hands-Free Active Drive Assist Pricing Announced, Available Q3 2021

    Do we know of anywhere that has posted a map of the current roadways that are covered by these 'Hands-Free' zones? Would love to know if any of the interstates around me will be included or if they will all, initially, be focused around the major urban centers of the nation.