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  1. How to remove Partitioned Lockable Storage (rear seat storage tray)

    Got my dog on a ride... worst ride ever for me and my dog, it's so slippery i feared my dog would hurt himself and started looking on how to make it easily removable i think i will store it. It should have been made to fold up
  2. Low Insurance Quote! *Canadian 🇨🇦*

    300 more here ... :( wish i had the better surprise you got from my 19 lariat to my 21 limited
  3. Winter driving and deployable running boards

    its on snow tires but same size as stock, if you keep it for a long time i would advise getting mud flaps, my '19 didn't splash the sides as much with same specs tires. i will not install flaps since it's not always caking like that on the side, and they tear apart when backing un in deep snow...
  4. Winter driving and deployable running boards

    because i got a nice ice shield all over the truck, it's not really easy to get a look, but it got really cold, -21 and they worked fine, will see below that how they do
  5. Winter driving and deployable running boards

    Also noticed there is a little sprayer to clean the front cam when washing windshield
  6. Winter driving and deployable running boards

    For those wondering if it works fine in harsh climate, i never had trouble with the previous ones. New model seems to work fine also in slush and ice :) here is my two tone paint
  7. Pro Power 7.2 kw-Limited Hybrid

    In fact, ONLY the Limited WITH powerboost comes standard with the 7,2kw no powerboost, no 7,2kw.
  8. Yet another Powerboost initial review (test drive)

    the power board extends closer and higher to the truck than the previous model definitely higher i liked the older model better because my toes were able to pass between the running board and the truck, now less space, i'd say a inch when i look at photos it's also very clear. they seem a...
  9. Disappointed in B&O Unleashed

    Something important here Speakers are like new shoes, they are somewhat stiff and your ear may also need to get used to a new sound system. The speakers will get more bass every hour they'll play by moving more freely and further. You should never make your opinion on a sound system before it...
  10. Ford Active Park Assist 2.0 Demonstration on 2021 F-150

    Button should be near the shifter where a shot armed person could get to it naturally Also, for getting to the parking spot, you don't need to crawl, it will work at normal driving speed, he decided to fin the spot slowly. My MKX had that feature and it gets real close, i almost always...
  11. Test drove a PowerBoost last night! First Impressions:

    i'm taking delivery of my truck monday, but the dealer let me test drive it today. I felt about the same as you driving it. Impressive to see the rpm at 0 ... Your observations were about the same for me (except those related to the trim level which isn't the same) I'm really happy i got the...
  12. Power boost platinum finally arrived!

    There is something else i like better in your picture, you got sun i got snow
  13. Power boost platinum finally arrived!

    Your platinum have an interior i like better, the Admiral blue of the limited is gray, i look at it and say admiral blue but my eyes see gray, it's nice, but not as nice as your platinum, i was obsessed with the shiny letters on the hood lol
  14. Power boost platinum finally arrived!

    I understand your feeling, mine arrived this morning, should get it monday (hope) will get tint and cover later !
  15. Debating Ceramic Coating

    dealers here sells it 3x the price... my auto detailer charges me the product cost + its time, it is way cheaper and i think it's worth it, but i wouldn't pay the full price on this, got many through the years and it's not exceptionnal
  16. USB ports fast charge??

    I wonder if every version has the same outputs, yours seem a production unit but look at this pic, it's different
  17. USB ports fast charge??

    For the usb ports, there is 3 fuses that are associated with "USB Smart Charger" in the user manual... hope it's smart enough to charge decently, i always use a 12v to usb charger because the one in the truck is so slow
  18. USB ports fast charge??

    at least 2, one in the middle storage compartment console, one behind it... wonder if there is one on the dash, passenger side in the new glove box
  19. Lane Centering feature in action

    On my Lincoln MKX it doesn't take long before it tells you to hold the steering wheel
  20. What is the attraction to 20"+ rims?

    had 20's since a long time and like it, on my limited there was 22's... wow really nice looking and i was getting many comments about how nice and clean that looked.... but my ride was affected, the huge bumps felt almost the same but it seemed to feel all the small bumps and cracks... now with...