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  1. Aftermarket antenna is what I have. I like it enough. I don't really listen to am/fm a lot but when I do I can't tell the difference. I think all of these are made in the same Chinese factory despite what they...
  2. 21 XLT 302a switch for sliding rear window?

    This is on my Lariat...kinda blends in.
  3. 2021 Raptor First Impressions? [Tech Specs Attached]

    They dropped the ball. Everyone was willing to throw big bucks at them for a true TRX killer and like someone else mentioned they just released an incremental upgrade. It just proves that Ford was caught with their pants down when the TRX was released. Then to announce the Raptor R is waiting...
  4. Got FSA Notice (21B08) today - reflash heated mirror and integrated trailer relay module

    Yeah I've turned off and on and off again the approach detection because of the same issue. I found myself leaving the keys on the kitchen counter just so it wouldn't happen.
  5. Turn off horn honk when exiting truck with key fob?

    No... unless you use a programmer I believe. It's probably the single most hated "feature" of the F-150.
  6. Wrinkled leather seats?

    Mine too. I think it's how it's supposed to be. I don't know but I'm assuming it has to do with the overall softness of the seat and "stretch" room for our big butts when we sit. My Toyotas were tight as all get out and hard as a 2x4 but I dunno. I wouldn't worry too much about it but if it...
  7. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    I don't like chrome at all...I liked the painted bumpers a lot. The burgundy interior has grown on me a bunch to the point I like it. It's enough contrast inside the cab so everything isn't the same and it isn't gaudy like my Tacoma's orange accents.
  8. Ford Says Fix Coming Soon For Android Auto App + SYNC 4/4A Issues

    That's exciting. I'd also appreciate it if Ford would increase the front camera shutoff speed to about 20 mph so I can use it offroad a bit more.
  9. Which button controls the interior lighting?

    I think there are 2 buttons. One that controls when the lights turn off and on and one that actually turns them off and on.
  10. Extended Range Fuel Tank Necessity Question?

    First time I've got the extended range fuel tank. Would 100% do again. It's so nice to have almost 800 miles of fuel range should a hurricane or other natural disaster occur.
  11. Which button controls the interior lighting?

    If you're referring to the interior white lights the button is on the center roof controls panel next to the map lights. The ambient lights are controlled in the vehicle settings and there are no alternative color options.
  12. Condensation in headlights & rear spot light

    There is a thread on this. I had the same experience on mine with rain and temps in the 40s. A lot of moisture in the air. It evaporated about 10 mins after I put the truck in the garage as the owners...
  13. 12” Screen - your favorite middle button setting?

    Zone lighting. It's pretty much the only relevant option that I saw.
  14. Windshield streaks?

    Thanks guys I just cleaned the spot on the windshield and I believe it worked! I'll know in a bit when I go take a test drive in the rain and I'll update this post. Never had a clue about the wool trick. Just verified it worked. Thought at first y'all must be crazy! for using steel wool on a...
  15. Installed tail light tint

    I think it looks good 👍. What % did you use?
  16. Windshield streaks?

    On my truck I noticed when it rains that there is a substance on the windshield that looks like a swiping motion. It's clear so not noticeable during daylight. I thought maybe it's a spot I missed with rain x but it's still there. I tried cleaning it off with goo gone, razor blade, magic...
  17. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

    Yeah the lift and tires change everything when it comes to aerodynamics and weight to push. I'm keep mine stock and getting pretty darn close to sticker mpg. I feel like I'm in the minority for sure but I like the payload rake 🤷‍♂️.
  18. How to revert to previous screen after phone call?

    Its a of many for the new sync 4.
  19. 5.0L vs Ecoboost

    Yeah...there's a YouTube video of a Ford tech fixing one. As we speak his is sitting @ the dealership waiting on Ford to diagnose the root cause.
  20. 5.0L vs Ecoboost

    Mostly this. My dad also bought a 2019 F-150 w/ the 5.0 and he was caught up in the whole oil consumption debacle with less than 1000 miles. They ended up lemoning that truck and he ultimately ended up with a 2020 F-250 with the 7.3. Now he's got a crank gasket leak.