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  1. Video: Active Air Dam and Grille Shutters Help 2021 F150 Achieve Better Aerodynamics and MPG

    Sweet! Now if they only offered 4A on the XLT model :(
  2. Video: New Tailgate & Worksite Features / Functions on 2021 F150

    I didn't catch this before, but pretty cool the under seat lockable storage box is also collapsible.
  3. Three Things I Hope The 2021 Ford F-150 Carries Over From The Previous Generation And Three Things I Don’t Want To See

    Carried over 1. Sport trim 2. Sync touch screen available on lower trims (ie XLT). 3. Halogen headlight and tail light Not carried over 1. STX trim 2. Base V6 (Use the 2.3 EB from the Ranger) 3. Keyed ignition on the XLT (Just put a push button start in it already) I'm going to add one here...