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  1. Rear door locks

    So I swapped out the rear door speakers, as well as installing the block off plates from SGS and it seems as though the knob for the door lock is very stiff to push down or pull up. Much harder than the front ones. Being that I never tried them before I'm just wondering if this is normal or is...
  2. Custom made wireless charger

    Since my '22 XLT didn't come with a wireless charger and I didn't like having to plug the phone into the USB ports in the media bin I decided to look into aftermarket alternatives. I came across a company that sells replacement chargers for another truck brand because the OEM ones never worked...
  3. Georgia FS: Goodyear Wranglers 275-65-R20

    Posting this for a friend. My neighbor bought a new Denali 2500 and didn’t care for the original tires, thought they were too aggressive. He swapped them out with Michelin’s with around 5,000 miles on the odometer. He’s looking to sell the Goodyears for $300. Tires have never been...
  4. Kicker Key Harness

    Does anyone know of a vendor that sells the plug-n-play harness for a kicker 200.4 with our head units? I've seen posts about plugandplaykits.com but looks as though they could be hit or miss. Would prefer a vendor that has a "better" rep. Thanks