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  1. Livernois 5.0 tune review

    Is it still a livernois tune? I want to tune my 2.7 just to make it not target such a low rpm all the time. cruising at 50-60mph its always in 9th/10th gear and like 1100-1200 rpms. If i use sport mode its targeting like 2400rpm at 50mph. I'm hoping a tune would give me a nice middle ground...
  2. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    MPG update for you guys. When I was stock I was around 22mpg, after the tires I dropped to 20.5mpg both driving in normal mode. I am pretty light footed. I tried sport mode today and on the way to work I got 22mpg again. Im going to keep driving in sport. Im surprised its getting better mpg with...
  3. Locking out gears

    Curious if getting an aftermarket tune would make the shift strategy different. I really want something between normal and sport. I just want to truck to choose to cruise at 1500-1600rpm and not 1200. It feels like it lugging at that rpm. sport mode revs pretty high for my liking and tends to...
  4. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    Im not sure what the color is called. I went in to look and one of the employees had this color on his wheels. I said give me whatever that guy is having!
  5. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    I have a spray in liner and a soft roll up bed topper. I may just pull the blocks out and see if that gets it close to what I want. Slightly too much rake for me.
  6. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    Thanks for the kind words gents. Black lug nuts are the next thing I am getting for sure. Looks like so far the mpg hit is about 1-1.5 going to the k02 tires. I also made the decision to go down in the back to level it. I drive about 70 miles per day and don't want to take more of a mpg hit...
  7. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    Pic in the sun light, trucks a little dirty from the rain.
  8. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    The dismount, powdercoat, and force balance was 775 for it.
  9. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    Thanks guys! I’m very happy with them. So I’m trying to decide if I should go up in the front or down in the back for a level with a slight rake. What do you guys think? I weighed these and they are about 14lbs a piece heavier than the stock 20s so I assume mpg is going to drop 1-2 mpg. Is the...
  10. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    Traded my stock 20 sport wheels for some 18 sport wheels. Took them in for powder coating and got some k02 275/70r18 tires. Pretty happy with how everything turned out. I’ll try to get some pics in the sunlight in a few days after the rain.
  11. Paint Chip

    Thats cheap. I would definitely check reviews. I just paid $2800 for full front end, a pillars, front sections of roof ppf. One of the top installers in my area.
  12. Slight vibration high gears 22 2.7

    What were the symptoms you were experiencing? It’s hard to describe what I fell but it’s almost like a grinding feeling. It only does it in the high gears when it’s under 1500rpm and I’m on the gas, if I let off the gas it doesn’t do it coasting.
  13. Slight vibration high gears 22 2.7

    So I just traded my 22 3.5 for a 22 2.7 because my 3.5 had the high gear shudder that the dealer couldn't fix. the 3.5 felt like it was going over a rumble strip in the high gears. So having said that I got a 2.7 and it is LOADS smoother and better than the 3.5 was BUT it still has a very slight...
  14. New OTA Update 4.2.3

    Got the update and now for some reason im getting an odd interference noise every single drive with my wireless car play. Sounds almost like an eclectic shock noise. Hard to describe. It does it almost every time I put it in reverse as well. one time it did it for like 5 seconds straight then...
  15. Cobb Accessport incoming

    Thats good to hear. My truck has a light throttle tip in stutter in the high gears (its a 3.5) and I called and spoke with winfield he thinks the trans tuning will solve that. I hope so since ford cant seem to fix it and it drives me crazy. Makes my $60,000 truck feel like crap.
  16. Cobb Accessport incoming

    Very nice! did you get the tcm tuning as well? I so how doe the shifting/shift points feel?
  17. Cobb Accessport incoming

    Any updates on this? I just purchased through goosetune and am going to be sending my ecu to cobb in a few days.
  18. Transmission shudder

    I dont think so but it was at the dealer last week and they were not able to fix it, I was planning on tuning my truck anyways so hopefully this kills two birds with one stone. Can I go into my settings to check for an over the air update?
  19. Transmission shudder

    My 22 3.5 has been to the dealer once already for this shudder. The did some transmission reset. Came back within 50 miles. I decided just to go ahead an tune it to try to resolve the issue. No sense in even having the dealer mess with it. I have not seen one instance of this issue actually...