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  1. Coilover Leveling Kit for 3.0L PS?

  2. Coilover Leveling Kit for 3.0L PS?

    2.0 fox.
  3. Coilover Leveling Kit for 3.0L PS?

    I’ve had fox/Roush shocks on my 3.0 since new. 40k miles on it now & no issues. Also has a heavy full guard FabFours bumper & 12k warn winch. FabFours also claim my bumper wouldn’t work with a 3.0 diesel & it works just fine too.
  4. Videos: 360-Degree Cameras In Use While Driving

    If you can, look for a way to keep the mirror LED spot lights on past 6mph also!
  5. Changing color of truck on screen and cluster

    They have the capability in the FordPass app. I agree it should work on the screens too
  6. Spot light mirror override mod, on > 5 mph

    Following. Something in FORSCAN maybe?
  7. 2021 F150 Lariat 502A bumper removal

    Thanks I think that will help. I’ve got Rigid LED fog lights to replace the factory ones. The problem is it made the check engine light come on because the DRL circuit is open now. Soooo, I got different Rigid Radiance LED lights with a white backlight, To act as the DRL’s and the lower...
  8. 2021 F150 Lariat 502A bumper removal

    Removed my bumper, did Not have to pull the grill off. Just the trim piece underneath, 2 screws on either side & a bunch of clips. @Doyouevenboost i see you have ford manuals, can you identify the 4 wires going into my LED fog/drl please?
  9. What did you NOT expect, but LOVE about your '21 F-150?

    So many other things I love about this truck that one would expect in a new vehicle; quiet diesel, great mileage, quiet cab, adaptive cruise, comfortable to drive on longer trips & stunning good looks! Biggest love...It may seem trivial or odd to some of ya, but I’ve always hated the ‘Auto’...
  10. OCDPLUG Screen Protector

    Ordered mine today too
  11. ? ❓LED fog/DRL help?

    Hoping one of you guys with access to the maintenance manuals can help. Would like to know what the 4 wires are labeled going into the connector. I got a Starkey adapter & am using 2 wires (power-ground) to run my Rigid lights. I need to know what the other 2 wires are labeled as, to power a...
  12. DEF usage

    It’s a 5.4ish gallon tank that they say lasts 10,000 miles. (I’m guessing it burns more when towing?). Rough estimate after 3700, I’m getting 1800 miles to the gallon. I wouldn’t see a reason to ‘stock up’, after 5-6k you’ll have room to stop at a parts store & put a standard 2.5 gallon jug...
  13. Washington Chrome Skull Caps - Tow Mirrors

    PM me your address and I’ll round up the shipping costs.
  14. AFE 4” Exhaust installed!

    Nice video, but please change the battery in your smoke detector ?
  15. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Did a little work this week, pretty happy with how everything turned out. -FabFours Matrix front bumper, full guard. -Warn Zeon Platinum 12-S winch & Factor55 UltraHook -Rigid D2 pro cube LED, Starkey Factory 4pin to 2pin Deutsch adapters should come tomorrow to power them off the factory Fog...
  16. Tow Mirror Skull Cap Replacement

    pm me your address, I’ll send you my chrome ones. My friend owns a body shop & got my black ones for about $17-18 a piece. I have no use for these
  17. [Update] Finally got my air dam off!

    The way it was explained to us at the Ford Performance ST school, the Pre-Collision avoidance is ‘looking’ for vehicle shaped objects down the road. I don’t think a deer would trigger the system? They had a simulated rear of a car, with a cushion just in case. ? 20 drivers did it 3x each...
  18. Bluetooth audio display from phone when watching video

    It’s been that way in every sync version I’ve had & I don’t think there’s a fix. Even if your playing music and you hit pause, it still plays for 1/2 a second or so. Just the inherent lag in the trucks radio. ??‍♂️
  19. What can I REALISTICALLY expect for mileage on 3.0L diesel.

    First tank hand calculated, 22.6 with mostly city driving running errands. I did 2 trips 60mi each On a 55mph 2 lane & was getting 28average on the dash lier. 2nd trip was with my new 305 KO2’s so I don’t think it affected mileage much? 300miles left to go on this 2nd tank of fuel. Very happy...