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  1. Can Active Park Assist 2.0 be installed when parts are available?

    Do you remember if there are specific for scan values that need to be changed as well? I read about that earlier in the thread but don't remember specifically what values are there
  2. Can Active Park Assist 2.0 be installed when parts are available?

    I also have that same healthy coating of brown dust. It would amke sense if these fell off the back of a truck into this guy's lap. It's probably best we remain ignorant to how we get them other than we just want them in a functional state.
  3. Can Active Park Assist 2.0 be installed when parts are available?

    Got the IPMA today. Like everyone else said, this guy does not know how to package anything. About 6 inches of space above it and a single sheet of foam that didn't even fully wrap around the thing. It's pitiful really. Sticker on it even says set aside if dropped. At any point, like @rpold150...
  4. NOS 2021 Console Rear Cupholder w/spring loaded fingers

    Ah yeah. Their parts department isn't even open on the weekend so I was unable to speak to them anyway. At any point, for those that are trying to get them, I suggest finding a dealer that can give you information based on what they see in OE Connection.
  5. NOS 2021 Console Rear Cupholder w/spring loaded fingers

    Just a note, I found another dealer that isn't on that list that has it. If you can call a dealer that has access to OE Connection, apparently there are 30 some odd dealers with at least 1 in stock supposedly. @Snakebitten must've called North Bay Ford I'm guessing because I got told there was a...
  6. NOS 2021 Console Rear Cupholder w/spring loaded fingers

    Called a few of them and some are just unwilling to ship. Wish I could just order this online and have it appear at my door. One of them wanted $160.
  7. Can Active Park Assist 2.0 be installed when parts are available?

    Guess I'm gonna order one from the seller that doesn't use bubblewrap. The others are a fair bit more expensive. I tried to read through most of the thread, but is there a step by step guide on the programming and all that? I don't have FDRS so I'd have to figure out a way to get that unless it...
  8. AVALANCHE F-150 (2021+) Club

    Lil bit dark out but hopefully this gets you an idea. That last photo is pretty awful.
  9. AVALANCHE F-150 (2021+) Club

    Sure. I'll try to get some if I remember tomorrow. Anything you're looking for specifically?
  10. AVALANCHE F-150 (2021+) Club

    0 Offset and stock height. They stick out a tad bit more than I'd like (personally would like a +20 offset or so) but I've grown to like them a lot more.
  11. AVALANCHE F-150 (2021+) Club

    HRE FT1 17x9 Toyo AT3s in 285/70r17. Tiny bit of rub on a crash bar that I just had to push out of the way. Also had to trim the mudflaps which are rokblokz in the standard size.
  12. Matte Wrap PPF on 2023 F-150 Platinum

    What were the quality issues you see on it? Just some sharper plastic/unfinished plastic? I don't think the amber on our headlights are bright enough to match those kinds of lights so smoking them would make sense. It looks fairly reasonable on price though. I'll be getting rid of my platinum...
  13. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    If anyone needs the harness from BGG. Let me know. I can send it to someone since I have no use for it. Edit 03-21-23: Harness has been spoken for/taken.
  14. Matte Wrap PPF on 2023 F-150 Platinum

    Do you have a link to where you got that grille? It doesn't look to be an actual raptor grille since it doesn't have the cut out for the different hood they use. But it is also the closest looking grille to the current ones I've seen. It looks good.
  15. Slight tire rub at full lock can't identify

    I'm an idiot. Entire time I thought it was coming from the drivers side (had mudflap rubbing issues before) but it was the passenger front crash bar. Admittedly this is the first time I've ever gotten aftermarket wheels/tires that have a different offset. But I'll just leave this up as a shame...
  16. Slight tire rub at full lock can't identify

    I put 0 offset 17x9 wheels on my truck with 285 /70 R17 toyo AT3s (as close to OEM in size as I could find). I'm getting some sort of rubbing at full lock only when backing up and steering with the wheels pointed to the left. It almost feels like it'll rub and skip (kind of a thud thud thud...
  17. Nebraska 20" Platinum brushed wheels and tire takeoffs REDUCED - $1000

    Bump. I'll do $1500 if someone is around here.
  18. Mirror caps and Door handle part numbers

    I pulled this from another thread but the person there hasn't had them installed yet. I'm looking to get primed mirrors/caps and get them painted. Can anyone verify if these are the right part numbers for a 23 platinum? (360 cams, smartkey etc). Thanks
  19. Adaptive Head Lights - Coming to the US???

    Enabled it on my 23 Platinum and I think it's working? It's kind of hard to tell if it is. I have the option and the green A headlight on the gauge cluster. I just have a hard time telling if it is actually working. Will have to drive about a bit more at night unless there's an actual easy way...