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  1. "Configurable Gauge selection" and "My View" resetting back to default after random times

    I think I've had all the updates and I still have to hit ok every time I startup to select myView
  2. Ride firmness adjustment without using sport mode?

    So the offroad and onroad driving experience is better by just spending $140 on rear shocks? https://www.amazon.com/Bilstein-33-253183-33253183-Shock-Absorber/dp/B01M8ODFKB/ref=psdc_3150551011_t3_B009FU5ZXI These look to be the right item number for someone who isn't lifting and using oem...
  3. Reverse lights and harness from specialtyperformanceparts.com

    Wanted to pass on that I got my lights and harness from specialtyperformanceparts.com and those folks really stepped up and gave me great service. They not only sent me both cornering and scene lenses so I could check it out and send back the one I didn't like, but their responses to my issues...
  4. Uncapped Plug Under Rear Bumper

    I also have the open plug, but dont' have any sort of cap for it...seems like it should be covered up though just from it's look.
  5. Where to hook up additional brake lights for a 2021 F150 Tremor

    Ford has a wire for the purpose of hooking up additional brake lights. But they are jerks, make it damn near impossible to find, don’t document crap and put it in a weird location. I had to take off the air intake housing to make it easier, but it’s not required. It is located under the hood...
  6. Location of tail light fuse for 2021 F150 Tremor with LED tail lights?

    I attempted to tie in a forth brake light from my camper shell into the left rear tail light and for led trucks that is not the way as it doesn't work. Now my tail light isn't lighting correctly, anyone know where the fuse is for them?
  7. General Grabber SL - WTF

    While there are a ton of solid offroad options. What's the consensus on a quality tire that is close to the oem, good milage and quiet, but not such a thin sidewall?
  8. Camping Out of Tremor?

    I dig the GFC camper because it leaves the bed area of my truck alone but still gives me a place to crash above.
  9. Camping Out of Tremor?

    I'll be picking up my GFC camper mid february. I'm not going to build it out much, just throw some offroad lights on
  10. Anyone install a two-way radio yet?

    I'll be installing a proper radio in my F150 when it comes. I'm a bit concerned about rf issues with all the sensors and such. Does Ford give advice where radios/antennas should be routed and mounted?
  11. F-150 Tremor Build & Price is LIVE! Post your build!

    If we'all keep ordering Tremors with the front diff, putting money down on that option...Ford will definitely notice and want to fulfill those orders as soon as they can to collect funds. Hopefully we can wag the dog here.
  12. F-150 Tremor Build & Price is LIVE! Post your build!

    I ordered a 402a today, with the front diff... I wasn't told any expected delivery date other than 90 days minimum...but they weren't as hip on the tremor options and news as this forum, so i'm hoping for 4/5 months. Mine was the first tremor the dealer ordered. I've been waiting so long for...
  13. 2021 F-150 Tremor Pricing is Here! ?

    I wonder what exactly will be included in the Tremor 402a high package
  14. My 2021 F-150 Iconic Silver on 2” Bilstein 6112 kit, 295/70R18

    Your truck looks so good I'm wondering why I'm waiting on the tremor!
  15. 2021 F-150 Tremor digital previews in Velocity Blue and Black colors

    Ordering a lead foot tremor the day ordering opens!