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  1. Cup holder light installation/media bin light/glove box light

    look at the first post on thread, the attached PDF. It will show you.
  2. Does anyone have the Ford Colored Bed Cover?

    That is good to know! I will keep that in mind after seeing how this goes..
  3. Saw these on East I-70 Kansas/Missouri

    I believe it’s a Ranger haha.
  4. Does anyone have the Ford Colored Bed Cover?

    My cover came with a clip buckle ear broken off. I recently got a 3D printer and made a new one. Factory 3D printed ASA:
  5. CarPlay stops working every few weeks

    Maybe this update today will fix it:
  6. CarPlay stops working every few weeks

    After the first time having the issue. I wait until the truck and sync are powered up before plugging my phone in. However doing that didn’t help it seemed, since the issue happened again yesterday following those steps.
  7. CarPlay stops working every few weeks

    I’ll try this. I pondered doing the wireless to see but never tried since corded is the way to go (for solid connection). I didn’t realize if I connected wirelessly then plugged it in, it would switch to the corded connection. I do have all of my music downloaded so that helps.
  8. CarPlay stops working every few weeks

    For me, none of the suggestions of powering down the truck and opening door, or deleting and re-adding the phone worked. I have to master reset the sync 4 system every time my CarPlay does not come up. After reset it works no issues. My IPhone is on the latest beta version currently. Truck is at...
  9. Weird issue with Sync 4 Apple CarPlay on 23 Lariat Powerboost

    About a week ago I experienced something odd with Apple CarPlay. I got in my truck and started it. I always wire my phone in for CarPlay. This time I plugged it in and it came up and said Apple CarPlay available but nothing. It would play through the source for “USB” but not CarPlay. I manually...
  10. Does anyone have the Ford Colored Bed Cover?

    Yeah they are smooth and shiny just like the truck body.
  11. Does anyone have the Ford Colored Bed Cover?

    No problem! I couldn’t decide black or color matched. Only thing is, I thought this was the one where it rested against the back glass with rubber. You then kinda have a view with the bed cam. But that’s not this one. No view at all. I doubt I’lol use it up much anyway. Gotta say. Good aluminum...
  12. Swapping the Lariat rear bumper for the Tremor rear bumper

    Awesome! Thank you for that information. This will probably get added to my to do list.
  13. Did my truck automatically stop while backing up?

    I’d say yes it automatically braked. Especially if you have that feature turned on in the 12 inch screen UI. I back out of my driveway sometimes. There is always a car parked on the other side of the street or trash cans. I usually get the beeping but that’s it. Only once, I backed up like...
  14. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    +2. Got a harness from BGG as well.
  15. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Installed the Ford accessories trifold bed cover in Carbonized Gray. P/N: VML3Z-84501A42-KD. This is made by Undercover and branded as a Ford product.
  16. BAP Black Appearance Package Trucks, POST HERE

    Carbonized Gray trifold bed cover.
  17. Does anyone have the Ford Colored Bed Cover?

    Went ahead and bought it in case someone was wondering what it looks like:
  18. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    Here you go ML3Z-3600-RA. Got it from Valley Ford of Huron. Cheapest I found online at the time.