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  1. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    Just a quick thanks to all of you who added to this thread. I was able to successfully complete this project in my 501a. Now to just add back front sensors and my truck will be what I originally ordered.
  2. Adding Auto Wipers

    This is what was sent to me from another member. Double check your values as I am not certain they are 100% correct for all vehciles here is what I was sent, give it a try: Hey Dustin - here’s what I changed on my 501a to get it working: Add rain sensor: 7D0-09-04 x3xx-xxxx-xx— 726-39-02...
  3. Any update on a Trailer TPMS system?

    The cable I have has the smart connection and then the ports for yaw, tpms, and camera. Is there a cable that would just be for the camera?
  4. Adding Auto Wipers

    https://www.ford.com.ph/engineering/rain-sensing-wipers/ that’s how it works. @Je1279 yes I changed the wiper stalk when I added a heated steering wheel.
  5. Adding Auto Wipers

    I added it in my 22 501 lariat. Power was hot to the dummy plug. Added the sensor and a couple for scan changes.
  6. Android Streaming boxes - MMB, Magic Box, Carlinkit, etc

    Yeah I’ll take it. Works well for what I wanted for. Full screen some day maybe.
  7. Android Streaming boxes - MMB, Magic Box, Carlinkit, etc

    I did the firmware update and finally got it going. Not full screen but works. Though when I use YouTube tv the left side of the screen is covered by the menu.
  8. MY22 Adding SiriusXM

    Thats not a connector, its a placeholder if you will. You do not need that part if you are following what has been posted.
  9. MY22 Adding SiriusXM

    It will avoid the tcu Dtc I did not do it. FordPass works just fine.
  10. MY22 Adding SiriusXM

    The splitter is only needed if you change the APIM to nav and add back XM,. it connects behind the glove box and splits the antenna signal to both of those. if you didnt do nav you dont need it.
  11. MY22 Adding SiriusXM

    https://compulsivecode.com/Project_AsBuiltCompare.aspx use the asbuilt compare to see what is different between that one and yours. then use livnitups spreadsheet to see the differences.
  12. MY22 Adding SiriusXM

    a couple of your photos did not come through so hard to know exactly what you have going on. You ordered a new roof antenna that has Sirius xm correct? if you drop your headliner, you unbolt the old antenna, taking the bolt completely off, I used a 10 mm ratcheting wrench so I did not have to...
  13. MY22 Adding SiriusXM

    I think that is your problem. I had tried a cheap antenna from amazon first and it did not work well at all, cut in and out all the time, placed my antenna on the roof and bingo all worked. get the antenna installed.
  14. Turn Signal Cameras???

    Anyone get any new intel on what is needed to make this work?
  15. MY22 Adding SiriusXM

    if you didn’t install the antenna yet what antenna did you connect to your acm?
  16. Ford latest Towing Tips, Tools and Tech: A Ford Towing Video Guide

    Would love to figure out turn signal view and the blind spot camera activation.
  17. MY22 Adding SiriusXM

    I would reboot the radio, hold down power and right seek until it reboots.