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  1. Morimoto taillights install - plug and play or requires Forscan?

    Im Thinking about getting the new Morimoto led taillights. I have a 2021 XLT 302A with led headlight but halogen taillights. Will I have to use forscan to get them to work properly or are they true plug and play?
  2. Blacked out My Badges.

    So I used Dipyourcar HyperDip to black out my badges. For the first time I think they turned out looking good. Here are some pics.
  3. Dip Your Car Hyper-Dip plastidip black your your badges?

    Has anyone used Dip Your Car Hyper-Dip to black your your badges?
  4. Screen Going Black

    I have a Powerboost XLT with the 12in center screen. This morning, as I was driving to work the screen went dark. When I got to work I tried shutting the truck off and then powering back up but nothing changed. I can press the button to use the cameras and it works. I can put it in reverse...
  5. FordPass App issues since Sunday?

    Anyone else having trouble with your FordPass app. I have not been able to control my truck since Saturday. Still shows the last location from Sunday morning and my scheduled start did not happen this morning. I updated to see if that would help it did not. Same with my Escape.
  6. Hard shifting

    I know I’ve read on this forum about the hard shifting. In normal, and eco for sure it seemes like it skips 2nd gear. In sport I don‘t notice it. Ideas on what if anything you have done to remedy this?
  7. Forward facing camera

    Is there a way to get the forward facing camera to come on if you are getting close to something at the front of the truck?
  8. Chat with Ford Performance about tracking your truck?

    I have read on other threads that you can chat with Ford Performance about tracking your truck. I go to the FP website and don't see the chat feature anywhere. Can anyone help me out?
  9. Window Sticker

    So I ordered a new truck. Will my truck show up in the inventory of the dealership? It was a special order and has a green window sticker
  10. Blacked out side badges?

    Since Ford removed the Blackout package, I wondered if there is anywhere out there where I can get blacked-out side badges? I'm trying to remove as much chrome from the truck as possible. My build is the XLT 302A Sport. I'm going to black out the grill and tailgate badges and the FX4 sticker...
  11. F-150 Ordered. When will production start?

    I ordered an new F-150 last week wits the Powerboost engine. Velocity blue 4x4 XLT sport package FX4. Give me an idea when it might go into production and when the build will start?