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  1. NEW! 2021+ Ford F-150 Elite Series Headlights and Fog Lights from Diode Dynamics

    @Diode Dynamics , how does shipping look now?
  2. Whats the consensus? Wait for Diode Dynamics Headlights or Morimoto XB Headlights?

    I would personally wait to see output and cutoff photos/specs of @Diode Dynamics . They come with an 8 year warranty as well. I pre-ordered the selective yellow fog lights and they are supposed to ship this month.
  3. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Pan got me hooked on turtle wax seal n shine and turtle wax ice spray wax for a topper.
  4. NEW! 2021+ Ford F-150 Elite Series Headlights and Fog Lights from Diode Dynamics

    @Diode Dynamics are the elite fog lights still shipping in April? I can’t wait for the selective yellow to be delivered.
  5. Screen ProTech Pillar Protection

    I went back though my email, I actually bought b pillar covers from theocdplug not @Screen Protech. My mistake.
  6. Screen ProTech Pillar Protection

    I bought (EDIT: theocdplug version, not @Screen Protech ) and lining up the number pad offsets the rest of the film. Out of the 4 pillars, 1 was acceptable. The other 3 can see gaps, and i sprayed the hell out of all sides with soapy water. No matter how I moved the film, there were still gaps.
  7. What grade fuel do you run?

    I use top tier 93 in my powerboost. It runs better than 87, plus i only drive about a tanks worth per month.
  8. Dual LED Light Reverse Kit w/Diode Dynamics Lights | PLUG & PLAY

    @4x4TruckLEDs.com Sports or pros? Do you have night time pictures from the drivers seat using mirrors and backup camera showing light spread?
  9. Let’s see your 2021+ long-bed Supercrews (157” wheelbase)

    Looks great. What are the specs of your driveway?
  10. Diode Dynamics Fog Pocket installed

    Nice work, and thanks for the pics. is there a reason that you bought these instead of the elite series fog lights? I had the ss3pods on my 2015, but the dual pods seem out of place on the 14 gen. I ended up preordering the 3000k elite fogs and can’t wait to install.
  11. NEW! Stage Series HitchMount LED Pod Kit | The BEST 5 Minute Mod!

    Any chance of taking reverse light pictures using side mirrors?
  12. NEW PRODUCT | Diode Dynamics HitchMount LED Pod Reverse Kit

    The newer harnesses cut a wire/diode/resistor (something) and it supposedly works properly after that.
  13. 2021-2023 F-150 Ford Performance Leveling Kit (by Bilstein) is released

    I had a similar experience with my stock shocks when i replaced them at 3000 miles with bilstein 5100s. 5100s performance is far superior to stock.
  14. Winter Sale | 15% OFF | Amazon Store | Diode Dealers | Dec 21 - Jan 5th

    @Diode Dynamics has SAE on road compliant light pods, even elite series head and fog lights.
  15. What did you NOT expect, but LOVE about your '21 F-150?

    My experience is opposite. It is difficult to engage auto high beam. Once engaged, it is quick to shutoff with signs or other vehicles, then takes forever to go back to high after passing signs/vehicles. i even cycle the high beam stalk, and auto high will work once in a while.
  16. Line X, Tailgate Removal and Associated Problems

    I have the bullet, and it is very slick. I prefer the factory spray in, but ford wouldn't let me order it. I installed the husky bed mat yesterday. Hopefully it provided more grip for cargo.
  17. Who’s Running 275/70/18s?

    Nice. I have 18x9 +20 fuel wheels and want to bump up to 70 series. Do you have any rubbing?
  18. Terrible MPG in my 2021 F150 Powerboost

    I noticed that cold weather, near freezing or below, decreases my mileage as well. Does anyone know what temperature starts to affect the battery performance/longevity?