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  1. Latest extended use of the PPOB generator feature on my F-150 PowerBoost

    Wow, even with my F150 Lightning, I don't use 14kwh of electricity over a few days of camping, when using electric cookers, kettles etc. That would equate to 10.5% of the Extended Range battery. But I suppose you may be using AC or heaters? It seems like you'd be able to get by on fewer kwh's...
  2. DC in Bed with Pro Power Onboard?

    I think we're agreeing on the facts but not the actions and that's ok. Burning half a gallon extra per day (I think it's slightly more from personal experience but let's call it half) is a waste in my book (and also not pleasant for camping surroundings). So I choose not to.
  3. DC in Bed with Pro Power Onboard?

    I think it's playing in to the opposite conclusion. Wasting at least 8.5KWh per day on nothing is not what I call efficient. But now we know the facts everyone can make their own decisions for each trip. Running a fridge for a whole day should only use up 1KWh to 2KWh.
  4. DC in Bed with Pro Power Onboard?

    Keeping ProPower on to get AC power for the whole day (say, for a fridge) or to charge the low voltage battery, requires the vehicle being "on" which uses a constant 300W-400W having all the modules enabled. That'll use up the hybrid high-voltage battery in just a couple hours from vampire drain...
  5. 2021 Lead Foot PowerBoost Lariat Build

    I actually put my roof box on facing the other way - aero seems better for range! :LOL:
  6. Where is the Power Running Boards module?

    yep, I did exactly that - swapped the seat harness from the f150 (Lightning) without PRB to the F150 with PRB 😃
  7. Where is the Power Running Boards module?

    I don't think the amp controller will work with 14th gen running boards. The previous gen had the same controller style as AMP and we're interchangeable. But I heard that 14th gen are made by Magma and use a different sensor type. I feel like I remember someone in another forum saying the PRBs...
  8. Thule - Yakima - Rhino Rack - Basket

    I put the cross bars at the minimum distance apart from each other that the bike rack instructions specified. That was to maximize head room in the bed.
  9. Sold it on Carmigo

    Sold it on driveway.com for a few more than the others
  10. Unfinished Ford F Series Trucks Being Stored in Massive Lots Visible From Space

    A person walking on the street is visible from space ....to a telescope like is being used here.
  11. Modifying Power running boards for 2021 2022 Platinum F150

    There are a couple (actually many) of Drivers Seat Module (DSM) config values that control every aspect of the Power Running Boards, and could be changed via Forscan. Values 744-31-01 to 744-40-04. But to my knowledge noone has yet tried them. They mention things like stow or deploy "threshold"...
  12. Where is the Power Running Boards module?

    Well done finding 14th gen PRB take-offs. I searched everywhere and couldn't find any, so in the end had to reluctantly take them off my Powerboost and transfer to my Lightning. If you mounted a 14th gen DSM controller as a PRB controller somewhere in your cab, it might just work to receive the...
  13. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I just purchased the 2-day FJDS/FDRS license for $50 and received the activation code. Yet when I enter it in FDRS all I get is the error "FDRS is not able to validate the license as entered" even though the code is definitely correct. Did anyone else get that issue?
  14. Where is the Power Running Boards module?

    thanks for the info - this is exactly what I have been trying to find out about
  15. Where is the Power Running Boards module?

    Thanks @Buyer2021. Do you happen to have connector diagrams for those connectors on the DSM? I found the wiring diagram for the PRB as they pertain to the DSM but not the connector pins. Thanks!
  16. Sanity Check on Order

    IMO sport appearance package looks better than the BAP. Removes enough of the chrome but doesn't get aggressive and the wheels look a bit cheap on the BAP. But it's all subjective isn't it.
  17. California 2021 F-150 Powerboost Lariat High 4x4 maxed out

    This truck is 1 year old and never had any issues, it drives perfectly. It's always been kept in the garage away from the elements. I polished and ceramic coated it (CSL + EXOv4) on receipt from the factory. It's amazing and one of the last ones to be built with some features that are missing...
  18. Where is the Power Running Boards module?

    Anyone know where this module is located exactly? Other forums suggest that 2018-2020 models, it was somewhere in the console and, prior to that, it was behind the rear seats. I can't see anything like a module in the center console, but perhaps it's under the cup holders...
  19. [Photo] Camping with induction cooktops and mini-fridge using ProPower

    I made this post ;) Point of which was to power a fridge from ProPower AC and overnight by a lithium battery. Which has worked very well for me.
  20. [Photo] Camping with induction cooktops and mini-fridge using ProPower

    You’re describing Ah for a battery but not being specific about voltage. I do in fact use a 536Wh LiFePO4 battery (this one) for a 110V fridge, so effectively 4.5Ah of which less than half is used to power the fridge for the night when ProPower isn’t running. The battery happens to be a...