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  1. 7 Months and Counting for Replacement Cat Converter

    I'd go-to a muffler shop and have them put in a 3rd party and send Ford the bill. Lemon laws usually have language about unavailable parts when and if the auto is still under warranty.
  2. LED projector upgrades

    Im with ya... Reminds me of an old joke that floated around the internet years and years ago... guy talking about how he wouldnt pay todays prices on oil changes and then broke down his time to do the oil change himself 30 mins to find oil filter wrench 15 mins to find car jack and stands 20...
  3. Who has the “lowest” payload?

    In hot August weather I would think I do... but I didnt think this was that kind of website... Thats more a Dodge Forum kinda Q.....
  4. Light bars and Platinums?!?!?!

    I'll check out that bracket. That is a little bigger than what I'm looking for. Would prefer a cleaner look if possible. The other site has a video showing the drill into the valance which makes me cringe.
  5. Light bars and Platinums?!?!?!

    Platinum grilles seem to have no room for additional front lighting without invasive or bulky\clunky mounting. One company has a light and recommends drilling and mounting right into the upper valance which there is no way Im doing that. Does anyone have any luck with a clean mount option...
  6. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    Sorry Ham, I didn't clarify clearly... Anyway, won't matter anyway, won't buy em (after market lights and don't really need to know about the insurance), just wondering, more interested in the lightbar\Plat Q. :) Don't think anyone has an answer (for the lightbar\Plat) :(
  7. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    But if your Seats are damaged in an accident gonna pretty much conclude it would be a total. Not sure how often seats get damaged in an accident except for side airbag, which again, total. Knock on wood haven't been in accident since about 19yrs old, 53 now, don't even know what my deductible...
  8. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    Ok coupla dumb Q's.... 1. ) If you get in an accident, does Insurance pay base (OEM) or will they cover these more expensive replacements? 2.) My 2015 Plat had a perfect space for the Putco Luminix 36" lightbar. It almost looked factory or made specifically for that F150. My 2022 has NO SPACE to...
  9. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    I agree, my 2022 Plat has some pretty serious brightness, especially after enabling Bambi. At $2k, isnt it seriously better to just get a nice, clean light bar for $500? Or is it a "Morimoto" thing, like having Starbucks, cuz its "Starbucks"?
  10. What else am I missing on my "Loaded" Platinum?

    I found how to change the "Favorite" button. The 4th button, as you see here, press and hold and it will pop up a screen of options to change your "favorite". It's only the 4th button you can change.
  11. Excessively Loud Popping Noise B&O Unleashed.

    Smoke from tweeters? That's real concerning. Speakers are low voltage and can be touched simultaneously with zero issues. You may want to check your wiring by pulling the pillars and seeing if the shielding somehow got melted on the tweeters or any other wires?
  12. "Deep Sleep"

    So, not by plan, but by design our PowerBoosts really are EVs that are plugged in nightly..... :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:
  13. F150 Powerboost Axle bolt sheared off

    This in and of itself is worthy of a ext warranty. Can you imagine a full rearend replacement 100 miles after drivetrain expires?
  14. Rear axle bolt failure...AGAIN!!

    You could always take your truck to Wendle Ford in Spokane... Being the proactive guy I am, I bought brand new bolts (Ford OEM unopened) and took them into Ford and asked them to replace the bolts... They lost the bolts, couldn't find them anywhere. (In my best Ron White voice), "They...
  15. "Deep Sleep"

    Wasnt that a Steve Miller Band song? "I went from Phoenix, Arizona My truck, deep in a coma Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A. Northern California Where the girls .........:
  16. "Deep Sleep"

    I agree and that would be another good test... once someone gets that notice... do any of these 'automatic' things still work? Lights? Rails? Unlocks? etc
  17. What else am I missing on my "Loaded" Platinum?

    My wifes sexy bedroom attire.... in August... when its 103* out....
  18. "Deep Sleep"

    Im just thinking that if you kick off all these auto things, lights, step rails, unlocks, while its sniffing for OTAs etc then you will eventually get the DS... I usually have truck in driveway and if fob is in pocket the doors unlock and rails drop as Im mowing the lawn.... /sigh
  19. "Deep Sleep"

  20. "Deep Sleep"

    So for what its worth, I left my truck 2022 alone for exactly 2 weeks. Parked in the farthest stall of my garage away from everything. Never hit deep sleep again. I have a question for people and subsequently a test for people.... How many of you experiencing the Deep Sleep have (dont recall...