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  1. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Got Katzkin covers. They look better in person than the pictures. Very impressed with the quality of the leather.
  2. F-150 gets back Auto Start/Stop feature starting on 3/24/23

    When I was ordering my truck, it was available and I paid 50 bucks to have it removed. :ROFLMAO: Money well spent if you ask me.
  3. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    Issue got fixed for me after a visit to the dealer. Updated automatically? Not sure how because they didn't do an update. I was visiting to have mud flaps installed. Perhaps just a coincidence.
  4. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    I got it today. I was visiting the dealer for a different issue and it just updated. Perhaps a coincidence, or my truck knew how to connect to the dealer WiFi? In any case it also fixed my FordPass connectivity issue, so win-win.
  5. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    I can only hope the same happens to my truck :)
  6. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    Yes, around that time but can't verify because I removed the truck from the app, and now can't add it back. Activation fails repeatedly, so I am stuck. Not sure how they are going to push the update if the TCU is down.
  7. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    Mine stopped working on March 3. Ford tells me they will be issuing a fix by the end of April. I am mildly annoyed. Not trade-in for a Tundra annoyed but come one, Ford get your act together!
  8. Grabbed my new 2023

    Love the color, drop dead gorgeous! Congrats on a fine choice!
  9. Future Fords Could Repossess Themselves and Drive Away if You Miss Payments

    If the Ford accessories e-commerce site is any indication about their software development prowess, the cars are staying where they are.
  10. STOP delivery on some F-150 due to 10-speed auto transmission recall -- loose bolt / park pawl issue

    My blend date was 11/20/2022, so I am in the affected group. Disappointing but taking it with the positive that Ford is willing to fix it. My VIN does not show in Ford lookup but it doesn't mean it won't. I have not had any issues with the transmission so far except some rough shifting when it's...
  11. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I got this one: this one. I decided on no compass because I already have build in compass in the console. There was a cheaper option but the mirror looked identical to the mirror I had on my Subaru 2014 (HomeLink v4) and that did not work with my LiftMaster garage door opener.
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Installed a home-link mirror from Bob's Mirrors. A 20 minute affair including grinding the plastic tabs on the connector.
  13. Wow, just configured my 22 XLT PB on website +$6,500 price increase!

    I want to say what I think but that will get me banned. Inflation is here to stay is the best I can come up :(
  14. What do you call your truck?

    The Ford. I know, boring.
  15. 75th Anniversary Windshield Sticker

    Mine has it. 3.5 EB, XLT 302a, sports appearance package out of KC. It's one of these things I don't really notice. It's cool, the splash screen on start also shows the 75th anniversary logo.
  16. 11/14/22-Build Week-2023MY

    Picked mine up this Saturday. It had arrived at the dealer on Dec 5th just as Ford said. One of the mirrors got damaged while in transport and the dealer was waiting for the replacement part to arrive. Meanwhile the sales person was telling me the car was in transport. Go figure. I contacted his...
  17. Ordertrack.app ... unable to access status

    I am speculating here of course because I don't have any inside info. Order Track is better that their own tracker, so naturally people were using it in droves. That put more load on the the system that provided the web services, so they limited it. Or did it out of spite. Or both.
  18. 11/14/22-Build Week-2023MY

    I haven't gotten mine yet. Delivered at dealer on Dec 5th. I emailed the dealer on Dec 7th. He told me the truck was not there yet. I called Ford. They confirmed delivered at Dealer on Dec 5th. On Dec 10 I contacted the dealer again and he told me the truck is not there yet. On Sunday I went and...
  19. 11/14/22-Build Week-2023MY

    My status is as of last night is "final preparation" at dealer. It's happening :) I am starting to think about accessories. I ordered a BakFlip MX4 tonneau cover, so that would be my first thing to do. I am also thinking of getting the Ford splash guards.
  20. 11/14/22-Build Week-2023MY

    Very cool! If 8 days is indicative yay, any moment now. I am with you on this one. My estimate for arrival at dealer in the built email was 12/1, so that's not happening. :D