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  1. Bushwacker OE flares finally painted

    So after months waiting on my favorite body shop to have a minute they are done. Paint matched Bushwacker OE style flares. More photos later but here are some teases.
  2. AlpahRex Tail lights

    Ok who is going to be the first? I was just about to break down and get the crappy Chicom Fleabay ones, but dayum those look good.
  3. Campus 805?

    Anyone here own this beautiful ride? Saw it on 8/13 at Campus 805 in Huntsville. Just wondering the specs. \
  4. BumperShellz coming for '21 up

    Just got an email from BumperShellz that we can pre-order now for our 14th gen F150's. Hopefully that means they are coming soon. https://www.ecoological.com/2021tocurrentf150.html
  5. Bak X4S airborne

    So is this caused by the wrong rails? I've re-installed this a couple times and it just gets worse.
  6. 2021 RCSB FX4 3" rear drop

    So the first shot is with 2" Crown rear lower shackles installed only, the rear factory lift blocks are still in. This second shot is still 2" Crown lower shackles but with factory lift blocks removed. The blocks on this particular RCSB were about 1 1/8" towards the front and 1 1/4" towards...
  7. Bonus money

    I was told when purchasing my '21 that there would be $200 bonus money in Ford Pass for use on service or accessories. Anyone know how long this process takes? It's been over a month now.
  8. '21 up doors ARE different

    So went to install my Sounds Good Stereo inner door block off panels today in my 21 and guess what, the don't fit. Not even close, so the inside of the door IS different on '20 and earlier versus the '21 up.