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  1. Do our F150 really need mud flaps?

    i'm not an electrician, but worked a summer for a relamping company changing out lights/ballasts in big box department stores. i got a 277V shock one time only and that was enough. one of the worst feelings i ever experienced. i'm a believer in the mudflaps. put them on every truck.
  2. Tonneau Covers - Recommendations and Reviews

    Now that it's been on for awhile, are you still liking it?
  3. Canada For Sale - 2022 F-150 Side Mirrors

    Price update - $850.00 USD
  4. Increasing Usable Powerboost Battery storage capacity

    nothing to add..lol, but thanks for the great discussion. very interesting.
  5. Gave up on Bronco wait, happier with newish F150!

    not knocking the bronco, as it's a purpose built rig for off road, they have great tech, the 2.7 L EB is a great match, and look great. However, I test drove a wildtrak and it was nice, but not something i could live with on a daily basis - road noise was bad, ride was way too soft, felt tight...
  6. Husky bed mat vs Ford rubber bed mat

    I never had ford or husky rubber bed mat, but did buy a similar option from amazon. I currently have a stall mat that i cut to fit and prefer this. while it is the heaviest option you can slide items in and out without it bunching/folding up and kneel on it without your knees hurting (other...
  7. Whats your MPG's

    3.5 EB, 3.31 rear end with 295/60/20 tires and 2 inch level. relatively level terrain and don't generally drive over 115km/hr (72 mph) and i get: - 13.5 L/100 km (17.4 mpg) driving mostly highway and empty - 20 L/100 km (11.8 mpg) towing boat which is probably close to 3000 lbs.
  8. SPACE WHITE F-150 (2021+) Club

    here's my 2022 Lariat 502A, 3.5L EB. Mods include: Rough Country two inch level (spacer) Rims XD 847 Outbreak 20x9 with +30 offset. Tires are 295/60 Toyo Open Country AT3 Husky rear wheel liners Bushwacker rocker panel covers Ford hood deflector Ford mud flaps 13 inch shorty antenna Bakflip F1...
  9. Sync screen randomly switches things up

    yes, have the same thing happen to me with the smaller view changing.
  10. Canada Sold: For Sale - 2022 F-150 Side Mirrors

    The mirrors were replaced with tow mirrors when I bought the truck and before I took delivery. No issues, great condition - like new. Came off my 2022 Space White Metallic Lariat. They have BLIS, are heated, cameras for 360 degree coverage, puddle lights, power fold, and turn indicator lights...
  11. SPACE WHITE F-150 (2021+) Club

    Pick it up this Friday. Lariat 502a 3.5EB
  12. 2022 F150 Canadian Order Tracking [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    i see on the tracking websites that the truck was delivered today, but haven't been contacted by dealership to let me know..lol. truck was a factory order from last november, and i put a deposit on it in early march.
  13. 2022 F150 Canadian Order Tracking [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    i wonder if that's the same situation as what i'm experiencing. truck is coming from KC, and status has been "in transit" for a month today. have to wonder if it's even left yet.
  14. Platinum Owners - Worth the Upcharge?

    had a plat 350, waiting on a lariat f-150. for me i think most of the changes are aesthetic rather than an upgrade. massage seats are nice, but not worth it to me. if i could have got an xlt with led lights, memory seat function and adaptive cruise (not sure if that is available on xlt, but...
  15. Still waiting

    i've only ever checked by vin a couple of times and it has never shown me anything. i generally check by delivery only.
  16. Still waiting

    my delivery window has been moved 5 times. most recent window is may 13-19. the status on the tracking website changed from "awaiting shipment" to "shipped" april 26. i checked cassens website and grimsby ford has received a lot of deliveries within the last month and as recent as may 13. i...
  17. 2022 F150 Canadian Order Tracking [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    for me, order confirmed Nov 12, 21, in prod Feb 20, 22, built Mar 7, 22, and status changed to shipped on Apr 26, 22 with an estimated delivery of Apr 24-30. Since then the window for delivery has changed three times from May 1-7, May 4-10, and May 7-13.