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  1. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    My truck (2022 F-150 Plat PB) got the 4.2.1 today while it was parked at my office.
  2. Powerboost CEL P237C/Exhaust Heat Exchanger Leak Megathread

    Does a set for the exchanger consist of "2"? I'm not near my truck to look under it. I'll order a couple of sets to have on hand as well.
  3. Bed Camara blue screen

    My camera in the 3rd brake light that shows the bed started showing the blue screen randomly and was replaced under warranty eventually. I believe the pixel quality of the replacement is lower than the original and it makes me wonder if they put an after market camera in or the quality is just...
  4. Catalytic Converter Failure National Parts BO

    So at 15k miles, my truck gave me the CEL and the same alert as the OP today. I left a message for the dealer to call me late in the day. I’m hoping to talk with them tomorrow but most of the dealers in my area are so booked out it’s ridiculous.
  5. 2 year update on my 2021 Platinum Hybrid 4x4

    Thanks for the write up. It's always great to hear from people with some time and miles on a truck. I'm at 9 months of ownership and 15k miles and so far, I'm happy. A couple minor issues but nothing major. I was nervous going from a SRW F350 Powerstroke back to a LD truck but I must say the...
  6. New OTA update after 3.5.4?

    For those of you guys who got 3.5.4 within a couple of days of getting 3.5.3, do you leave your wifi on or have it off? I received 3.5.3 on 2/7 after it showing pending for a week or so. I turned wifi off and got the update that same night. I'm trying to decide if I leave wifi on or off going...
  7. WTF Ford? Auto Update settings blocking OTA

    I turned off wifi last night when I parked at home and this morning found that 3.5.3 successfully downloaded last night. It is likely coincidence that I turned off wifi.
  8. WTF Ford? Auto Update settings blocking OTA

    Mine does similar to the OP's. If I do a reset (hold power and forward button), it will show 3.5.3 is pending but it never loads and after a few trips driving it, the pending update goes away and it just stays blank in the update details tab. Weird.
  9. Toyo Open Country RT Trail Review - 275/60r20

    Great review, I bought the Toyo Open Country AT3s 275/60R20 “SL” (43#s) and put them on Brinks Fang wheels but I later put them on my son’s F150 when he moved out. I like the look of those tires and the weight.
  10. Call me crazy, maybe?

    I went from a 22 F350 Tremor 6.7 King Ranch Ultimate to my 22 F150 Platinum PB. I made the switch after I sold my saltwater boat and went back to a bass boat. They are obviously two very different trucks designed for different things. I’ve owned a lot of diesels so I’ll always miss that a...
  11. Show me your leveled trucks!

    I don’t think I have CCD. The adaptive cruise and headlights seem to function properly
  12. Lifted F-150 on 20x9 BRINK B202 Insurgent Wheels & 35x12.50R20 Tires

    I think the bronze wheels look great with the carbonized gray paint matched and sport trim trucks. I have considered them for mine but the amount of chrome on my platinum has made me hold out for the gray wheels to get back in stock.
  13. Show me your leveled trucks!

    I do not have max tow. Honestly I don’t remember what the measurement was before but it was pretty noticeable. The pic below was the day I picked it up without the level spacer.
  14. Show me your leveled trucks!

    For perspective on towing with level: I have the 2.3” Stage 3 spacer on stocks and this is towing a bass boat. I does have a little sag but it’s not bad at all IMO. The boat/trailer/motor is only about 4500-5000 pounds.
  15. 2022 F150 powerboost Limited vs 2019 Ram 2500 6.7L Longhorn

    I enjoyed reading your perspective. I sold a 2022 F-350 Tremor 6.7 Powerstroke to buy my 2022 F-150 PB FX4 because I sold my saltwater boat and went back to a bass boat. I’ve owned a lot of diesels over the years and everytime I swapped to a 1/2 ton gasser (had a few 1/2 tons diesels as well)...
  16. Interesting issue with trip 2 mileage

    Ok thank you, that makes sense. Just perfect timing!
  17. Interesting issue with trip 2 mileage

    I have almost 12k miles on my 22 PB and I left “trip 2” to be the lifetime mileage when I picked up my truck. After I test drove it twice, it had about 20 miles on it and the salesperson reset trip 2 so it was not exactly the same as the odometer but close. Obviously it is possible I...
  18. Fall 2022 Truck Pics - Post Em!

    My son flew home for the weekend (he's in the FAA air traffic control academy in OKC) so we hooked up his bass boat for a fishing trip.