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  1. Professional ceramic coating with best shine?

    Yeah. Too early for me to tell life of the current media. It is supposed to do 1,000 gal before I need to remove the old media and refill. I figure that might get me through a few years.
  2. Professional ceramic coating with best shine?

    I paid $250 for one of the smaller tanks. Price put me off for quite some time
  3. Professional ceramic coating with best shine?

    I recently gave in and purchased a deionizer tank, and it might be the best carwash thing I have now. My driveway is in full sun, so when I wash my truck I would do a panel at a time so I wouldnt get water spots, but then I would always get overspray and have to wipe each panel multiple times...
  4. Ford needs to bring back….

    Please DO NOT bring back the round air vents, or go away from console shifters. Please do bring back the console shifter from the Gen 13
  5. Ford Expands Mobile Service Capacity With Escape Vehicles To Offer Customers More Convenient Options

    Ford had already been pushing this program, but with Transits that could also do mobile oil changes. I wonder if they say that there was more of a need for software updates and recalls, and also more Escapes available. Would be interesting to see with those Transits how many services they were...
  6. Professional ceramic coating with best shine?

    I like Adams graphene spray based solely on the ease of applying. Has a great shine when first applied, but to keep it you will need to reapply a few times a year. I dont think that there is something with the best of both worlds (otherwise everyone would already use it). You either have...
  7. Ford CEO: 2024 F-150 refresh to have 2400 fewer parts

    Either this will all work out well for Ford and everyone else will follow, or they will lose market share to GM and Ram and eventually have to reverse course and try to regain market share. Time will tell. The no discounted MSRP pricing will likely drive consumers to competitors more though if...
  8. Taillight Cracking at seams the day I picked it up

    Almost a week and @BILDOZER never chimed back in? Shocking
  9. Buyer's remorse

    All of these things can be added back if desired, including the garage door opener - either via the visor buttons or a Homelink mirror. And I disagree on giving the OP too hard of a time. It is hard to have sympathy for someone who made a choice and now regrets it when all of the info was...
  10. Ford plans to drop AM radios from most of its new vehicles starting in 2024

    Well, isnt that having sense talked into them?
  11. Ford plans to drop AM radios from most of its new vehicles starting in 2024

    For Ford EVs that currently dont have AM, all it takes is a software update?!?!?!? This really blows my mind as to why they wouldnt just include it then since it literally would have cost Ford $0.00 more to just have it enabled from the factory.
  12. 2023 Powerboost Market Pricing

    It def depends on your local market and your personal/business needs. The 5.5 ft bed seems to be the majority in my market when you look at the F150s driving around, even businesses. Those that are actually hauling stuff are using 250/350s, so maybe that’s why the short bed seems so popular in...
  13. 2023 Powerboost Market Pricing

    Having over 150 1/2 ton trucks in my fleet at work, and less than 10 being the 6.5 bed, I respectfully have to disagree. And I am in that industry.
  14. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    Glad you got it set. I wouldnt have made any of my upgrades without the help of many others on here before me.
  15. Are the glory days over for the dealers finally?

    Ford's CEO Farley has stated he would like customers to be able to order online, but dealers are not going away. There still needs to be a place for customers to do test drives, pick up a new vehicle delivery, trade in a vehicle, purchase a used one, and get parts and service. Ford does not have...
  16. 2023 Powerboost Market Pricing

    Have you tried more than one dealer in your area? My closest dealer has dug their heels in on trying to still maximize margin since they are doing less volume. In turn this has hurt them more than the other dealers who realize that part of a peach is better than none of a watermelon. Now they...
  17. 2023 Powerboost Market Pricing

    Those arent sitting because they are the short bed. Ford sells waaaaaaay more 5.5 than 6.5, so there is a reason to their buyer's method.
  18. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    Ive seen pics (and maybe part #s) for the HVAC with heated seats and heated steering, maybe even on this thread. You might be able to dig through this thread and find it, and even if the module you get has a button you dont need, loading your AB files through Forscan and then just making the...
  19. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    If you have a Pro model then you should have the same dash layout as us, not the vertical screen right? If so then why not get the HVAC module with the hard buttton?