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  1. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I had an interesting error yesterday. After months of trying to get my system to update with a USB stick, and every 10-14 days seeing, "System Updating", followed by "USB Error", I gave up. Then after removing the USB three weeks ago, I had the "USB Error" show up on my screen. Nothing was...
  2. Cowl Discoloration

    Mine didn't take much longer before it changed to same color as the plastics around it. I think someone stated it might have been glue residue? Seemed like a logical answer to me. Suggest using a light but firm brush and soap to see if it comes clean. May take a couple washes. Good luck.
  3. Cowl Discoloration

    My white spots went away after a few more washes. Some of yours looks like damage but I hard to tell.
  4. Recirculation won’t stay on - keeps turning randomly off!

    Nice to recirculate this page? I'm guessing there has not been any movement on another thread that I can't find? Here in Texas, it is always hot. 80% of the year, Max AC. Then when it is cold, it is a DRY cold. I miss physical switches... Except for the ones in a 2006 Jetta, you need a PHD...
  5. "Configurable Gauge selection" and "My View" resetting back to default after random times

    I was able to run the update on my own to fix this issue. (With Mongoose, etc) You can run this update without the entire system updating. My whole system is not up to date but I don't have to reset "My View" anymore.
  6. Locked Out of Recovery

    I found a message somewhere that Jesse said he too is stumped and that we just need to get the APIM replaced. My truck has tried to update twice since that last update. The screen changes, updates a flowing and then 'USB Error'. I can only assume that system is built to when there is an...
  7. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    I needed some time to process all the emotions and time lost trying to update my truck. Not to mention the money. (Stayed way from site for a while, like Facebook jail) I left my USB stick in and figured I would never see it kick off again. Yet, it did. And it took longer this time but the...
  8. Locked Out of Recovery

    I never really thought to ask this... figured it would/should still try to update but after the USB error, do I need to run the update again or will the truck still try to update with the USB plugged in?
  9. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Sorry, I guess I skipped a step in my explanation. I had FDRS, downloaded the USB stick but it wouldn't update. Read a lot about just leaving the stick in and eventually it would update. If fact, it started an update four days later but failed. Now leaving a different USB stick engaged for a...
  10. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Is this the one where it could take up to two weeks, a month or longer? But if I've read enough about this and how some USB sticks can be made, you no longer need FDRS for this to complete? If you have the USB, you don't even need FDRS at all? Just clarifying for myself and anyone that may...
  11. Locked Out of Recovery

    I got this today. This has always been blank and Automatic updates was actually On. Got back in truck later and all that was gone again!
  12. Locked Out of Recovery

    I saw those tips somewhere about the USB stick but thank you for the reminder. I just plugged in the USB stick that was recommended in this thread about 3 hours ago. The stick indexed and I went ahead and threw my charger on too. Getting these trucks to update reminds me of trying to get the...
  13. Locked Out of Recovery

    Just bought a different stick. My current version according to Ford Pass: Sadly, It has not changed
  14. Locked Out of Recovery

    I seriously got in the truck after updating this post and the screen said, "System Updating" but then USB Error showed up. Pushing forward, thank you for the reply!
  15. Locked Out of Recovery

    Reviving this thread. If the discussion moved somewhere else on here, please let me know. Tried my hand at updating my APIM. Just as I thought I had the right set of network dongles and crazy cords, my download got Bricked. I have had my USB in the truck for only three days now but was...
  16. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I think my drive is okay? I'm not even sure if I've gotten that far. I've tried all the tricks for this error. It happened on a Windows 10 and Windows 11 laptops. Hate that I'm hung up on a 'computer'/'user' issue. I've uninstalled, reinstalled the USB device. Reinstalled the VX Manager...
  17. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I did. On two different computers. Same error on both.
  18. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Started this procedure and am immediately hung up because my VCX Nano won't install? It gives me "Unknown USB Device". Is this normal?
  19. "Configurable Gauge selection" and "My View" resetting back to default after random times

    Finally got my truck in for Service just to do the Update. I don't think that they actually updated the truck. Still showing 4.0.20301. I'm super bummed. Am I correct, that is not the latest update?
  20. Best Exterior Truck Cover (Not Tonneau)

    Room Vs. HOA? LOL And you can add Wife in there too! I'm just glad you didn't say "Park it in the Garage"! I have one, it has two cars in it and my truck won't fit. I've tried. Currently only covering my truck on nights it gets washed, sprinker night and if you live in Texas right now, the...