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  1. Why this noise?

    When I merely open my door with key in pocket, a pump fires up briefly. Why? Often I’m just retrieving stuff from the truck.
  2. Cracked windshield

    At 1300 miles a rock cracked my windshield. Dealer doesn’t do these replacements — is there anything special about my OEM window (acoustic?) vs whatever SafeLite or other repair shop will likely offer?
  3. Airing down on bad roads?

    It’s common for Jeeps and other smaller off road rigs to air down on bad roads. How about trucks? Any difference? What’s a safe PSI for A/T3Ws on an all stock XLT for washboarded roads? Also, does it put a lot of wear and tear on tires, generally?
  4. CarPlay stops working every few weeks

    There’s lots of discussion about CarPlay but most of it dated. I’m finding that CarPlay stops even showing up every few weeks. My iPhone 13 will still pair via BT, but it will not launch CarPlay even when I use the USB cable. It requires me to remove the phone from Sync, and most importantly...
  5. Brand new PB won’t start

    I’m getting this message this morning. 200 miles on the ODO. Ugh.