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  1. Whipple Supercharger Questions

    Hi All, I'm sure this is going to be a very small pool to play in but I am looking/researching getting the Whipple for my 5.0 and I have several questions as I am researching this. 1. Is this reversible? (I assume it is just keep all the parts removed) 2. What are the maintenance issues with...
  2. Fold 4 and Sync 4

    Hi All, I have been mulling over getting the new Galaxy Fold 4. Does anyone here have one and if so do you have any issues with Sync system? I'm sure everything would be fine, but you never know until you ask. Any quirks that you do not like about it? Like connecting to the truck etc?
  3. Rear Power Tailgate Operation

    Hi All, The manual just says this: Does anyone know what conditions must be meet for this to work? When I am at the store and I want to load items into the bed, I will use my remote to try and lower the tailgate, no dice. So I unlock the truck and try again, nope. I will press the button...
  4. I found this loose bolt today rubbing on my condenser?

    I had my grill off today to install my color matched emblems and when I pulled it off this is what I found, a loose bolt! You can see where it was already damaging the radiator. I'm speechless at this point. This would have eventually rubbed through and caused a leak at some point. So I started...
  5. Color Matched Grill and Tail Gate Emblems

    I have been working on this for about a week now. I purchased new grill and tail emblems so I could paint them at my leisure. Here are the pics. Gloss black with Carbonized Grey.
  6. Spare Tire

    Hi All, I have searched and located part of my questions. I want to buy a new rim and tire to use as a full spare tire. 1. Would it fit? I have 35X11.5 and I have the 20" Lariat Sport dark rims. So it looks like what I want to do will fit in the spare tire location. I have couple remaining...
  7. Heated side mirrors heater turn on button

    Hi all, I have heated mirrors so I opened up the manual and found this: I cannot locate this switch, can someone help someone that is apparently blind? Where is this switch located?
  8. Blacked Out '22 Carbonized Gray (DIY Black Appearance Package (BAP) in progress)

    Hi All, Wanted to post some pics of the latest transformation into my own BAP version. I have done the following so far to get my 22 Lariat Sport the way I want it to look. I have just a couple of things left and then I "think I'm done" for a little while. Here is the list I have done to remove...
  9. Auto Wipers ON/OFF single pass

    Hi all, When I get in and start my truck the wipers wipe across the windshield once with the auto wipers on. I leave them in the auto position. Is this normal if left in the auto position that they wipe? I should say the window is not wet at all. They work when it's raining great. Do you guys...