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  1. Drive Mode Unavailable

    Just an FYI, this a Gen 14 forum. All here is mostly 21 and up unless they own an older model as well.
  2. Oil type for 5.0L V8!

    Motorcraft full synthetic every 10,000 miles or if the built in computer says sooner.
  3. Anyone else get this Power-Up update recently?

    Just got this update yesterday. Way to go Ford and bringing updates out in a timely manner. :/
  4. 2024 Tacoma Revealed! Now With Hybrid Model 🔋

    Good looking truck. I'm sure they'll sell the crap out of them. Great to see they still kept the manual and have many optional configurations. I like the PreRunner, I would probably consider it if I didn't need the full size truck.
  5. Buyer's remorse

    I've had mine since October 2021 and have been issue free other than a couple recalls. No buyers remorse here, I'm actually glad I bought mine when I did. You can't even purchase my configuration anymore. The 0% financing was nice too. I've had slight regrets, but not really remorse on a...
  6. Short video explaining the 2021+ 5.0L cylinder deactivation (plus prime rib at the end)

    Pretty cool, honestly most of the time I forget it’s even there.
  7. Farewell For Now! Thanks for all the information and help!

    Good luck! So far so good with mine.
  8. Adding Auto Wipers

    Didn't know anyone wasn't a fan. I love them.
  9. Update auto applied and now door chimes activated when door is opened.

    Let's start with what version did you update to?
  10. Alarm - broken window, security

    I doubt if just breaking the window does. Opening the door after breaking the window will. And if they don't open the door, then the motion sensor should catch them.
  11. 5.0 more efficient at 75-80 mph than the Ecoboost engines? Edit: while not towing.

    At least with campers I think the towing efficiency is bout the same with the 10 speed transmission. It may change slightly with gearing. The camper that acts like a brick behind the truck is the issue since it's not very aerodynamic. I get 10-11 mpgs when towing and my camper is only 5000 lbs.
  12. Locking out gears

    1. Towing. 2. 9 & 10. 3. When on slightly rolling hills road to keep it from gear down every 2 seconds going up a small hill. 4. When in motion with buttons on stalk. 5. When in tow haul mode.
  13. New to towing and have a 2023 XL

    In some states there's laws with trailers being over a certian weight need trailer brakes. So if someone cuts you off and you hit them, you wouldn't be at fault with the proper setup. People do many things that they shouldn't...
  14. AMP Research BedStep Installation

    Wish it was still $260. This thing is $309 now. I was going to order one, but I think I'll skip it at that price.
  15. Time for New Pirrelli Tires.... Any suggestions?

    Not really related, but I'm the oddball that will be looking for an all terain tire for my 2 wheel drive so I don't get stuck in wet grass (ask me how I know?). I pull a camper, but have never been stuck at a campground, just in my yard after a heavy rainfall. Differential lock didn't make a...
  16. Remote start with HVAC and heated seats

    I would say mine cools, but definitly not high cool. I really wish the truck would go to max cool automatically when it's hot outside instead of having to press the button. My 2017 Ioniq would turn on max cool automatically and turn it to regular fan when the car cooled down.
  17. Recall Issue: Windshield Wipers Motor May Fail on 2021 F-150 (222,454 vehicles affected)

    I had the opposite experience. I had them perform a mobile oil change at my house. They said they'd need to verify the recall when they arrive and order the part. I was also trying to get them to replace my battery because my start/stop wasn't working and the truck was going into a deep sleep...