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  1. Using an EQ with Carplay?

    Has anyone figured out a way to use an EQ while using Carplay? I know IOS does not allow the built in EQ to be used. You are limited to the Bass, Mid, and Treble settings in Sync. But has anyone found a way around this or discovered a different solution? Just curious. As always I love you people...
  2. When to use weight distribution hitch ?

    Could someone point me to a definitive guide on when to use a weight distribution hitch? As far as I know f150s should use a weight distribution hitch when the trailer is over 5000 pounds or the tongue weight is over 500. But that said I see videos on TFL (or other YouTube channels) of them...
  3. Parking brake automatically coming on after truck in drive

    Anyone have an idea why my Parking brake automatically coming on after truck is in drive. Recently had some recalls taken care of at deal and it was not doing this prior. Happens after reverse and after in drive
  4. Kicker upgrade for b&o unleashed?

    Has anyone here who has an unleashed added a kicker sub to give it more punch? Curious for any input or insights. was looking at this https://www.crutchfield.com/p_20646HS10/Kicker-46HS10.html
  5. How 4A mode works?

    Does anybody know how exactly the 4Auto mode works? I thought that it sent power to the rear wheels and only engaged the front when slippage was detected. However, when in 4A my power distribution screen always shows power to all 4 wheels
  6. Flickering light. Driving me nuts!

    My passenger running light flickers like crazy during approach/welcome lighting and remote start. Need to verify if it does this while driving. Any ideas? I have a service appointment next month and asked to have them look at it
  7. Ford F-150 Hybrid - Consumer Reports LEAST reliable vehicle of 2022

    This is sure to get some discussion. https://www.autoblog.com/article/least-reliable-cars-trucks-2022/ Some familiar names appear on the list of least reliable vehicles (in order with the lowest predicted reliability score at the top), but there are a few eyebrow-raising models, followed by...
  8. Can someone explain what part does on the powerboost?

    Trying to understand how this machine I have been driving around works. I think I have it all understood but having trouble finding documentation on the high voltage lines and (inverter?) attached to the 12v battery.
  9. Remove 4x4 sticker or leave it.

    Can any of you weight in on leaving the Sport/4x4/fx4 stickers on vs. taking them off? Maybe some before and after pics to help me make a decision?
  10. Powerboost light pulse and woosh noise when breaking to a stop

    Powerboost owners. When breaking to a full stop I hear a light "woosh" sound and a pulse in the break pedal. This happens once under 5 miles an hour. It is not alarming and seams to be meant to do this but I am very curious what it is exactly. I thought maybe a transition between regen breaking...
  11. Door Panel Rattle

    I have a rattle coming from the plastic piece of door trim when driving. I attached a picture of the part that is rattling (google image not my truck). I can get it to go away by pushing on it really hard or banging it with my palm but it always comes back. Anyone else? Any recommendations...
  12. Seam forming/wearing into leather seat after only 1,700 miles.

    I have a seam in the bottom of my driver seat starting to form. 1,700 miles on truck. Anyone else have this? Truck is a 2022 lariat. I am worried if this is already starting to happen I am going to have a problem. I am going to schedule a service appointment.
  13. Pet Hair - Underside of Rear Seats

    For the pet owners out there. The underside of the supercrew rear seats have a felt like material that does a fantastic job of collecting dog hair. Anyone else find this to be an issue and have you figured out any way to mitigate this? I understand that wrapping the entire seat in a cover would...
  14. CarPlay not showing all music

    It would seam that about 75% of the time that I connect my phone to CarPlay that it only shows recently added music in my library. If I want to play a song from my library that wasn’t recently added I have to initiate it on my phone. Then the other 25% of the time the entire library shows. Does...
  15. Powerboost full door pull string?

    It is hanging out of the rear drivers side fender? Why?
  16. What Is this Camera Button Supposed to do?

    What Is this Camera Button Supposed to do? when I click it I get nothing but a blue screen.
  17. Powerboost: Eco-Idle vs. Non Eco-Idle?

    who uses eco-idle and who uses non-eco idle and why?
  18. Can you have the in bed box lighting auto turn on when the tailgate opens?

    Can you have the in bed box lighting auto turn on when the tailgate opens?
  19. In Transit - Different Carrier Than expected. Worth a read for PA customers.

    Officially being delivered to my dealer today. Interesting thing I found out. Ordertrack gives me a Jack cooper freight ID. I called the Jack Cooper yard near Dearborn. Was able to get ahold of someone who told me Jack Cooper does not deliver to my area (Pennsylvania). He said to try Virginia...
  20. Look what is at my dealer