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  1. Ford CEO: 2024 F-150 refresh to have 2400 fewer parts

    We can thank Elon for these great advancements with the gigapress producing huge aluminum parts in place of 100s of small parts that had to be assembled The big three are so far behind Tesla with this type of thinking.
  2. Low Speed "Snap, Crackle, & Pop" (Added Video... I'm worried)

    I would be buying a plane ticket and not drive that truck cross country.
  3. Check out my new leaf springs which seem clearly bad

    Thats the max tow package spring, that's how they are supposed to look.
  4. 🗓️ F-150 Scheduling This Week (5/25/23) for Production Week 6/19

    And more problems will be coming, local UAW workers at various suppliers are striking in the Detroit area that supply Ford parts.
  5. No Belly Pan

    If you are talking about that cheap fiber cover under the oil pan my FX4 had one but I took it off and tossed it.
  6. IPC Part Numbers for TBC

    Cant you go old school brake controller that plugs in under the dash like a Tekonsha P3. I know pervious gens had that option not sure about the newer trucks.
  7. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    If they are failing already I hate to see what the future holds. If I was on the fence to buy these now it would be a big NO, Quality seems to lack.
  8. Bluecruise price increase

    Thats the last thing I would spend a dime on, never used it and dont plan on it .
  9. Diode Dynamics Rock Lights installed!

    Not for me, looks like the circus is coming to town
  10. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    Nice improvement but I would remove the cheesy LED lights under the tailgate.
  11. Contacted by Ford

    They got the ball rolling, started a case, told me to call back when truck was at dealer and had an engineer out the next day, lucky to be in Fords backyard.
  12. BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO3

    17" KO3s (285/70R17) have also been spotted on the new Ranger Raptor. BFG says available to the public 2024.
  13. New to towing and have a 2023 XL

    Some smaller trailers may not have electric brakes, need to figure that out first. The controller is a simple plug and play, easy to install
  14. Builtright Pro Dash Mount & Hardwired 12v and USB

    Nice setup but way to much clutter for my taste.
  15. Calculating Payload

    Your truck as delivered including the weight of a full tank of gas creates the payload number. Every truck is a different payload depending on options. The trailer tongue weight is usually the biggest factor for weight, a #6000 trailer could create up to #900 pounds of tongue weight.
  16. 2.7.4 Update

    I never received said letter either. I am still way behind on updates 'Sept 22", getting one a week lately, but I dont really care anymore. My truck was shutting down systems mostly due to the weak battery and APIM which they replaced both so now it runs pretty good.
  17. Putco/Ford Rear LED Taillight Assembly didn't work

    That will never happen, special order something from almost anywhere its yours and no returns, its not the dealers fault.
  18. Not a skid plate - official name?

    I see those things flapping everyday under trucks and laugh. I removed it at the first oil change and in the trash it went. It was wet and heavy, the exhaust weep hole drains on it and had a soft spot. I asked a tech at the dealer and he said its sound proofing, I hear no difference without.
  19. Competition Leak: 2024 Tacoma Official First Image Discovered

    Much better than the butt ugly Tundra but this Tacoma front end looks like a storm trooper helmet.