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  1. Pro Power question

    Makes sense, I did not think of that but yes it is ready to drive.
  2. Pro Power question

    Another observation, normally when locking the truck the mirrors close(?), when in generator mode and locking they don't. No biggie just that I noticed.
  3. Pro Power question

    Found the 30 min timer and turned it off! Had to take the truck in for a CEL on about the Cat converter and while there asked a sales rep about it, he had no idea, figures. Thanks for the help again!
  4. Pro Power question

    Now to figure out how to change the 30 min setting that Snakebitten suggested.
  5. Pro Power question

    Yves, I mean the truck turns off completely...
  6. Pro Power question

    Thanks Bruce, I will check that today.
  7. Pro Power question

    2022 Limited 7.2Kw Started the truck, plugged in a battery charger to charge 2'nd car's battery. put the truck in generator mode. Truck shuts off after only 20-30 min, and has done this 3-4 times now. How do I get it to stay running longer? And what am I doing wrong? Thanks...
  8. 7.2kw on-board generator tutorial for newbie?

    Put my truck in gen mode, plugged in a communications truck with server, router, radios Satcom and it ran just fine. My first time actually using the Powerboost. Ran great! However, on the screen, it did not show any usage on bank A where I had it plugged it into. Did I do something wrong? Also...
  9. Builtright Pro Dash Mount & Hardwired 12v and USB

    Nicely done, thanks for the info!
  10. New Power-Up OTA Update 4.2.4

    I just got 4.2.4 yesterday while out and about but did not see it until just now.
  11. Power-Up 4.2.2 Software with CarPlay Update!

    I just got 4.2.2 also, don't see anything different either...
  12. Gen mode, what did I do wrong?

    Not sure I will look at that tomorrow. (I was hoping you would chime in!) Thanks!!
  13. Gen mode, what did I do wrong?

    Whole truck was off, and no power to the charger (AC outlets)
  14. Gen mode, what did I do wrong?

    22 Limited 7.2 Kw Powerboost Started the truck, turned the generator mode, plugged in a battery charger to charge 2'nd car and truck shut off after 30 min. 1'st use of the Gen power. Any ideas?
  15. FordPass Service History

    Yes I do, and svc was done by Granger, but I bought it from Koons in Woodbridge! Something is wrong. I do have svc scheduled for Wednesday, something is up wit the Cat Converter and I will ask about it then.
  16. FordPass Service History

    I just noticed yesterday a warranty AC repair for 4080.00$ that is on my truck from last year 1 month before I bought it! Special order Limited!