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  1. OBDLink MX+ is on Sale today

    Thank you! Yes I recall that I have to change the file extension. I'm much appreciative of your generosity!
  2. OBDLink MX+ is on Sale today

    Which dashboard is this one? Is it available somewhere that I can download & import it?
  3. 2023 Powerboost “stop safely now” no start

    I completely agree w/ the "injured" battery....while you sometimes can get them "back" to a decent charge level they generally wont hold the charge or tend to become depleted faster (after theyve been "injured")! @Snakebitten - as you know, I'm in the habit of keeping my vehicle charged when...
  4. 2023 Powerboost “stop safely now” no start

    OBDLink is the app. Its from the same company that makes the OBDII dongle(s) that are recommended for use with ForScan. to run the MONITORING software (on iOS or Android) you'll need the Bluetooth OBDLink MX+ dongle. To make changes w/ ForScan its best to use the USB (wired) OBDLink EX device...
  5. OBDLink MX+ is on Sale today

    I opened a support ticket and they responded this morning....it still failed w/ iCloud but I was able to get it working w/ DropBox. I've imported the dashboard file from @Snakebitten - now I just gotta figure out what all these PIDS are.
  6. What would these be worth to sell

    here's a clue.... A year ago, I bought 4 BRAND NEW OEM Take off Tires and WHEELS for our expedition....the tires had ZERO miles on them (measured full tread depth)....I paid $900 cash!
  7. New truck owners beware of squirrels / rodents chewing on wire harness

    RAT BAIT is completely ineffective on squirrels! SQUIRRELS and CATS are completely immune to rat bait. I have my own way of dealing with the squirrels.... the sound of the trap slamming shut NEVER gets old! https://ring.com/share/6071d0ce-cf06-430d-be9d-fdd363645ada...
  8. Builtright Pro Dash Mount & Hardwired 12v and USB

    thanks! Ive got the app (use it on my diesel, ill give it a whirl w/ the F-150). But discovered I have to order yet another OBDLink MX device (the one I have isnt supported on iOS)...amazon is delivering the MX+ overnight (yippee? ;) @Snakebitten - Where can I find the F/L/M PID library?
  9. Builtright Pro Dash Mount & Hardwired 12v and USB

    the think I LOVE about the ProClips....theres no cable to screw with..... its a permanent set up....just drop the phone in the carrier and youre done...connected / ready to go (and no unsightly wires laying all over the damn place)!
  10. Builtright Pro Dash Mount & Hardwired 12v and USB

    @Snakebitten - Which app are you using? FWIW I also use the (wired) ProClips Mounts, secretly I love 'em...theyre pricey but worth it!
  11. 12V battery State of Change (SOC)

    yeah I understand its not a conventional (old skool) "flood" battery.....I say AGM as a matter of differentiation from a historically conventional battery.
  12. What tint are y’all getting away with?

    @Mikewhite1 - heres the thing......you can TECHNICALLY and legally avoid inspection.... Inspection is (electronically) verified at the time your license plates are renewed (just like insurance).....so.... When it comes time to renew your tags you can attest to the vehicle being OUT OF STATE...
  13. What tint are y’all getting away with?

    On all our cars & trucks - I run 5% over the factory (35%) on all the glass BEHIND the front seats (and the panoramic roof)...on the Front door windows I run 15% and on the windshield I run a 5% eyebrow.....AND..... I still run the full set of WeatherTech window shades. on any glass behind the...
  14. 12V battery State of Change (SOC)

    are you using a battery maintainer? I'm in houston....20+ yrs and get 5 yrs (even w/ occasional use of a maintainer).
  15. 12V battery State of Change (SOC)

    Following! Prior to our ‘20 expedition all our cars / trucks and most of the motorcycles (and rv) have all had conventional flooded / lead acid batteries. For many years - I've employed and used some type of “intelligent” battery maintainer (battery minder, battery tender and now NoCo) to...
  16. Bluecruise price increase

    thats interesting cause in the video he also talks about having to make some forscan changes.
  17. Diode Dynamics Rock Lights installed!

    how does watching the TOP of the tire tread & fender well help when approaching or climbing rocks? $50 per LIGHT seems pricey...especially for LEDs!
  18. Bluecruise price increase

    the increase has already happened - THE press release (and the follow on explanation / clarification) was a NOTICE, not a proposal! 1.2 requires a hardware change (along w/ software updates)....its not likely 1.0 users will get 1.2.
  19. 2024 Tacoma Revealed! Now With Hybrid Model 🔋

    the interior looks very similar to the F150....personally I think the exterior is butt ugly!