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  1. Builtright Pro Dash Mount & Hardwired 12v and USB

    The big beautiful 12” screen on your dash can’t provide navigation?
  2. Space White RCSB XLT Lowered/Whipple OEM+

    48psi in the bags, doesn't break a sweat!
  3. Willwood/Brembo Brake Kit

    no, I drove in sport all the time.
  4. Willwood/Brembo Brake Kit

    you aren’t crazy! These trucks change so many variables when changing drive modes.
  5. Wheel spacers on stock wheels?

    Did you get the brake kit in? I am thinking about going with their kit.
  6. Willwood/Brembo Brake Kit

    I would be very surprised if that happened. I think I am going to order an American Power Brakes kit, if they will commit to taking the kit back if I get ABS codes.
  7. Space White RCSB XLT Lowered/Whipple OEM+

    In my experience most all $1500 offerings have damage and they’ve been listed for a long time or several times. It’s a hard pill to swallow, probably more than any other part of the truck for me.
  8. Space White RCSB XLT Lowered/Whipple OEM+

    The center console bolts right in. There’s not much to write up about. The hardest part is acquiring the parts and the cost associated in getting clean used parts because brand new parts from ford are $3k+
  9. Space White RCSB XLT Lowered/Whipple OEM+

    Not yet. Too hot in Florida at the moment. Will hit it in the next few months.
  10. Willwood/Brembo Brake Kit

    Wilwoods have been taken off the truck, back to stock. Info from Baer: This is a good, yet complicated question that doesn’t have an easy answer. I will try to give you a 30k ft view of the situation, but some of the information we have learned in detail required an NDA. The Ford F150 in late...
  11. Space White RCSB XLT Lowered/Whipple OEM+

    Wilwoods have been removed and back to stock brakes. Too many issues. If you’re thinking about putting big brakes on your 14th gen truck, think again. There is a electronic brake assist on these trucks, likely for self-driving future, and it doesn’t like variables changing.
  12. Willwood/Brembo Brake Kit

    wilwood makes an electronic parking brake version of the tx6. But it’s all kinda pointless since it seems the OEM ABS system does not like adapting to bigger brake systems.
  13. Willwood/Brembo Brake Kit

    Some Shelby owners are also having issues with Baer kits. American Power Brakes also makes a kit, I know one person running it, and they have no issues. I hope to have more information in the next couple of weeks as I am in communication with a few Shelby owners that have had parts to fix sent...
  14. Water leaking into cab from roof Antennae

    It depends how the headliner comes out. If the interior panels on the C/D pillar have to be removed, the entire sound system has to come out....and I am definitely not leaving that to the dealer.
  15. Water leaking into cab from roof Antennae

    Hello, I have water coming into the cab. Looks like its coming through the passenger side antennae block on top of the roof. Anyone have the issue? Leaked onto some of my audio equipment and blew a fuse. Not sure if anything is damaged for good. Can the antennae be pulled off? How is it...