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  1. Oil type for 5.0L V8!

    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum with Ford original oil filter.
  2. Reconnect Andriod Auto

    This is what I do. It has never happened to me mid drive. But when the truck starts up maybe once a month the wireless will not connect. I just reboot the head unit while I'm driving and it connects right a way. I have the Fold 4.
  3. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Nothing fancy this weekend. Performed my second oil and filter change, along with changing out the air filter, which really didn't need it, but since I bought it I threw it in. The last oil change, my first one, I install a Fumoto valve, freakin love these things. I have installed them on the...
  4. Builtright Pro Dash Mount & Hardwired 12v and USB

    Man what detail. Love the fact you documented, tracked and put everything together to help someone else when they find this when they want to do the same or similar. Great job and thanks!
  5. Using an EQ with Carplay?

    Love it, thanks for the back story, unique names like that always have a great back story, hahah.!! Hope you have a great weekend lined up! Thanks!
  6. Using an EQ with Carplay?

    Sorry this has nothing to do with your question but, Man love your Avatar Name, Is there a story behind it?
  7. Whipple Supercharger Questions

    I can answer #4 for you. I used this on my wife's car several times and works well. This is the only way to fill modern cars/trucks to eliminate air pockets etc. Especially on cars that have smaller radiators on either side of the car, vettes. I do not have this exact one, but something very...
  8. Whipple Supercharger Questions

    Thanks all for your replies, these are all the questions that I have researched myself. @NavyChief, my research has lead me to the ATI damper as well, glad to see someone else came to that conclusion. May I ask why, is it because you already have it on your GT and it works? @TexasTruck, same...
  9. Power-Up 4.2.1. OTA software update installed today

    Received 4.2.4 last night at 6:30pm. Securialert still there for me as well. I take that back, opened the app this morning and it has been removed.
  10. is Ford streaming worth the renew?

    I had it I think for the trial, or maybe I signed up for it. I had it for a couple of months decided it did absolutely nothing for me and cancelled it. I think you have to have it to use Alexa in the truck. And maybe some music streaming that ford provides. It does NOTHING more than what your...
  11. Factory B&O Bass Roll-Off Solution

    Don, You're taking vacation and I don't have my subs yet? We need to talk!!! hahaha Hope you had a good time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Looking forward to receiving my stuff when you guys have it completed.
  12. Welcome lighting not working anymore...

    JJ - Yep main battery under the hood as I do not have the PB with the extra battery under the seat. Worth checking it.
  13. Welcome lighting not working anymore...

    JJ - For what it's worth, that is the same amount of time my battery lasted. I to was getting the 'powering down everything' message for several weeks. I charged it several times overnight and that would last a couple of days before I started to receive the messages again. Took it to the dealer...
  14. Whipple Supercharger Questions

    Wow diambo4life thank you for the detailed reply. I have a very trusted place to do the work. It's the distance away from me that concerns me, but I will not be romping the hell out of it daily, just every now and then when I need a huge smile. Also when I need an assassin I'll look you up! Thanks!
  15. Misaligned back seats? What should I do? F-150 Platinum 2022

    Mathieu, Mine does the same thing, well minus the dog hair!. Nothing blocking it from going down all the way, I do not have the storage under my seats either. I have the Lariat. Never really bothered me enough to take it to the dealer.
  16. Whipple Supercharger Questions

    Hi Jared, Yeah I have read about the whistle. And I believe that was Back Road Driver (YouTube) the Whipple had the coolant leak into one of his cylinders and destroyed the engine. BUT Whipple did replace the engine since it was their fault. Not sure if they replaced it because they have a...
  17. Whipple Supercharger Questions

    Hi All, I'm sure this is going to be a very small pool to play in but I am looking/researching getting the Whipple for my 5.0 and I have several questions as I am researching this. 1. Is this reversible? (I assume it is just keep all the parts removed) 2. What are the maintenance issues with...
  18. TPMS issues - resolved

    Good info thanks for posting what you got to work. What year was this for? I see you have a 22 Lariat on order, or is that the truck you were trying this on?
  19. Power-Up 4.2.2 Software with CarPlay Update!

    Brian, Thought is was just my phone messing around, my streaming is skipping as well. I believe it started when I got the cool walk update.