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  1. I have 2H/4H/4L, where is 4A?

    ya but your 5.0 V8 or 3.5 EcoBoost (or whatever you have) will out-pull and out accelerate and flat out emberass any of the Mavericks powertrains so look at the bright side. Your truck has a fully boxed frame with an axle, a true transfer case, etc. a lot more goes into an F-150, even an XL base...
  2. F150 Powerboost Axle bolt sheared off

    The Suburban is a great package with the 6.2L L87 and 3.0 Diesel motors. The 5.3 just isn’t enough anymore, there is nothing inherently wrong with it, it’s just fallen too far behind. I drove a Sierra before I pulled the trigger on my F-150 and I just couldn’t spend $50+k on an engine that...
  3. "Deep Sleep"

    My 2023 5.0L just sent me a deep sleep mode notification after driving around all day. The battery should be totally topped off I am very confused
  4. I have 2H/4H/4L, where is 4A?

    I think some people are confused here. 4A is very nice to have, but in no way is it a safety issue lol. My Expedition EL has it and my F-150 does not. 4A is not AWD. The key difference is when you aren’t accelerating it is not locked in by the clutches. In an AWD like a Subaru it is. Going...
  5. 2023 or wait for 2024

    Usually they do more than that, our gen 5.0L V8 got +5HP but also +10 lb ft at a lower rpm. A lot more of a difference reworking the whole power curve than the 5hp meets the eye. Gen 1 was 360 hp/380 tq Gen 2 was 385 hp/387 tq Gen 3 was 395 hp/400 tq Gen 4 is now 400 hp/410 tq Considering the...
  6. 2023 or wait for 2024

    If you are buying a 5.0L or 3.5L Eco historically speaking there will be a power bump for those two.
  7. Discussion on the Electronic Locking Axles

    I could see that happening since it’s a momentary switch. I believe the old style you had to pull the knob out so hitting it wouldn’t cause engagement
  8. Discussion on the Electronic Locking Axles

    I also appreciate the design of this little 4WD control setup. The fact you can control the drive modes, what 4WD mode you are in, and the rear locker engagement from this little area is efficient. Kudos to the design team on fitting all that functionality into this little dusty control for us :).
  9. Discussion on the Electronic Locking Axles

    a bit from the online owners manual, maximum speed table:
  10. Discussion on the Electronic Locking Axles

    Here we go guys
  11. Ford CEO: 2024 F-150 refresh to have 2400 fewer parts

    Throttle by wire is completely 100% sub-par to a throttle cable
  12. Ford CEO: 2024 F-150 refresh to have 2400 fewer parts

    You can get any powertrain on the XL SuperCab on the build site, so that must be an XLT issue only.
  13. Discussion on the Electronic Locking Axles

    I can’t fall asleep so this is what my mind is on tonight. Regarding the 3.31 & 3.73 Electronic Lock RR axles, does anyone have a diagram or pics of theirs opened up that shows how they work and the mechanics of it all? I see a plug goes into my rear differential housing, which I presume is some...
  14. Ford CEO: 2024 F-150 refresh to have 2400 fewer parts

    Maybe they will use gorilla glue to hold the rear axle together so the bolts stop sheering off
  15. New truck owners beware of squirrels / rodents chewing on wire harness

    I have heard a lot of similar stories to this
  16. Not sure what engine to go with

    Oh child….you know not what you have done. The pitch forks….the torches….the chants….I can all ready hear them. Yes, here they come. The Turbo mob and the V8 mob…they approach in their battle armor. EVERYONE FIND SHELTER!!
  17. Ford CEO: 2024 F-150 refresh to have 2400 fewer parts

    Not good for those of us who keep our vehicles long term and end up working on them as they age I am guessing
  18. Buyer's remorse

    As cool as leadfoot grey is your truck is second to none diambo, very tastefully done. I was between Avalanche Grey and Area 51 Blue. I went to the lot and stared and pondered in which one I wanted. Then I saw the Antimatter blue…..and I stared and pondered some more. Probably 45 minutes before...
  19. Oil type for 5.0L V8!

    I emptied the factory fill and used Penzoil platinum with a Motorcraft filter at 1,100 miles