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  1. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    Falken wildpeak. Excellent tire.
  2. Factory 18s powder coated bronze + installed KO2 275/70r18 tires

    Looks awesome! Way better than our stock 18s. I did 295 70r18 and a 2" level and lost 2-3mpg for sure. Maybe more.
  3. Ridiculously long pcm+ update

    Truck back from dealer. All working as it should so far. Trailer measurements staying put. Given the 52hrs of update I thought the computer may have bricked. So nice not to drive the 18F150 work truck anymore. Tech said the 21s were much less likely to download via Ota. They could see many...
  4. Bfg Ko2 or Falken Wildpeak AT3W -- experiences / reviews?

    295 70r18 Wild peaks here. Mileage drop, yes. Slight noise, yes. Reason I chose there was price, $320 CAD per. Next closest was around the 500 mark. Wild peaks in my size have the deepest tread that I've seen. No squirm which I thought they might given the depth. Out standing wet pavement, dirt...
  5. Ridiculously long pcm+ update

    One of us must have a unicorn. Or your a hell of a mechanic, I am not.
  6. Ridiculously long pcm+ update

    I have zero confidence everything will be working as it should. It is a Ford.
  7. Ridiculously long pcm+ update

    At first they said they couldn't stop mid way. After the first day they said they could pause it but would have to start over. Trailer bliss settings have deleted from the day I bought it, but if you enter the l&w it does work as intended unitl engine is off for a while. Strange because it keeps...
  8. 2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor Revealed For U.S.! 🦖

    $78000 starting price for the raptor in Canada I heard. Hard NO.
  9. Ridiculously long pcm+ update

    Dropped the truck at the dealer yesterday 8am. Was there because the truck would loose the trailer length and width measurements for the blind spot. They figured it just need a flash to the trailer module. Well guess it wanted ALL the updates. They had it hooked up around 830am and I got a...
  10. Will a level create problems with sensors/active cruise control?

    I have adaptive lights as well and all seems fine.
  11. Will a level create problems with sensors/active cruise control?

    Didn't on mine. Only a 2" level though.
  12. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    Add me to the no rub list for 295/70R18. No lift or level. It's about 1/4" to the uca so it's close.
  13. 22' F150 tailgate intermittently does not open from key fob

    Mine always works from button inside. Almost always from fob. It beep most times, not opening, from the tailgate button but always opens on the second push. Ahh electronics.
  14. What does this symbol mean

    Mine looses all the measurements at every engine cycle. I don't bother with it anymore. Took to dealer originally and they had no clue what the issue was. They said it could be because I don't use the cord for the pro backup. My truck came with stickers, and works, no cord.
  15. Headlights Help Needed - SOOOO CONFUSED!!

    Headlight Revolutions. Check out their YouTube videos on actual tests done. Use these in our 17 edge. Highly recommend and well worth the cost.
  16. Color poll

    I have Ag black and I hate it. Every tiny chip, scratch, swirl, finger print, water spot and fleck of dirt shows up. I wish I could have got any other color other than black. But when it's all that's available... thank God it's a lease.
  17. 12" Digital Cluster worth it?

    Hard no. The 12 speedo and tach look crappy. I would have Been happy with the 8. It looks better.
  18. Shouldn't the front seats in a Lariat 502A have Tilted Head Restraints?

    August build 502. No tilt. No unleashed either. I wonder if it's an unleashed thing with the 502.
  19. Windshield Washer Fluid Sprayers Weak - 2021 Platinum

    Mines weak as well. Barely sprays above the wiper.
  20. Oil changes (3.5L EcoBoost) - first change and subsequent intervals?

    I did this with my 17 3.5Eb. Can't say for sure but I contribute my lack of oil changes at earlier intervals to the continual rattle problems. And not just the cam phasers. I was going to keep the 17 for the long haul but it was in the shop for phasers again and crank sensors, and possibly a...