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  1. Ford to Limit F-150 Lightning Production Output in First Year Says CEO Farley

    Mine is over that and I reserved mine right after the reveal ended. Mine is like 10821... I am a Ford Pass customer.
  2. My Interview With Ford F-150 Engineers - Summary

    What is it that causes the rust on the axle? I was thinking about buying a KR or Platinum. But I have a 2018 XLT with leather and liner that the axle looks brand new and the katskin leather is extremely comfortable. Making me rethink the whole idea... 😢
  3. Official 2021 F-150 HP, LB-FT, Payload & Towing Capacity Figures

    But what if it gets 23 mpg city and highway? That would be pretty decent. Especially for the amount of power it has.
  4. Video: 2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Walkaround, Interior and Undercarriage

    They sometimes wait to the last minute to publish those specifications, I’m assuming to hide it from the competition. It says at least 12k lbs for towing. It also says they also expect it to have best in class towing (the F150 in general) which would require them to be at least close to 14k lbs...
  5. 2021 F-150 ORDER GUIDE First Look! Reveals All Options, Packages, Accessories

    Any idea when the build and price will be up on the website? I know the truck is due later this fall but I would think by Sept it would be up. Thanks. Not trying to derail the tread just looking to see if there is an answer out there somewhere lol