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  1. Which Ford F-150 Engine Is Best? All 5 Powertrains Compared Back-to-Back

    Or the 7.3 in a f250. Man, they need to offer that in the F150.
  2. Sync 4A Screens Coming?

    I got the email, and I do not have the 12in screen
  3. 5.0 with 3.73 gears

    I have a 22 RCBS 5.0 w3.73 gears. I was averaging 24.2 mpg in the summer. Down to 19.9 in the winter with the cold temps and crap gas. Rear end dont have that much effect on MPG with the 10 speed.
  4. Exhaust Options

    Buy a muffler, have a local shop replace just the muffler with the new one. Will sound the same as the cat back and save you 1k. Performance will be the same.
  5. Windshield Replacement

    Amytime you have a chip and hit defrost, you have a chance of additional cracks. Physics and all. Had it happen on a 1972 ford and a 1989 chevy. Rock chips are usually fixed with zero out of pocket. Get chips fixed before weather get cold.
  6. Dealer Messed Up Order

    Did you contact the dealer? Would be my first step before forum posts.
  7. FX4 option on 14th Gen...?

    The skid plates are not cardboard. The "upper" trims have that for other purposes. I can take pics of my 22 Fx4, but there is 7 inches of snow on the ground, and I aint laying on that.
  8. Coil cover?

    I havent seen any yet.
  9. FX4 option on 14th Gen...?

    Skid plates are always a plus. My 2014 i ordered did not have them. At 5k miles, i was headin down highway to work. I saw the copper bus bar to late to avoid it. Damn thing stuck right in my gas tank. Full tank of gas too.
  10. A Simple Survey

    Efficiency in an automobile bulb is not relevant. It runs off the alternator/battery. Who cares? Not the same as running off the grid. The carbon footpront required to manufacture LED is greater than standard bulbs. Especially since you have to factor in the other items required for...
  11. Floor mats... The great debate

    Best answer is no carpet on a truck.
  12. A Simple Survey

    Energy efficient for a car bulb? How so.
  13. A Simple Survey

    Same. Work just fine.
  14. GWM Update Issue at Dealership

    Should modifiy the misleading title. Brick means 100% dead. Like throw in garbage and start over. If your truck starts and drives, it is not bricked.
  15. BlueCruise 1.2 installed in F-150 -- review & hands-free driving video

    If you are in yout car, you migjt as well drive..... I will never understand or agrre with this hands free driving crap.
  16. Livernois 5.0 tune review

    They answer everytime i call.
  17. 2023 Platinum Cruise Control resume

    Its an optional setting. Meaning you can use it or not. If it wasnt there people would be bitching there is no option to automatically set speed per speed sighns. Not everyone thinks like you or wants the same options. Its called creating software that meets everyones needs/wants. No sure...
  18. Ford Dealers SCREWED Truck Buyers, Now They're Paying The Price

    I paid well under MSRP for my 22 F150. No dealer markup. We bought a 22 Subaru Outback for my wife last year as well. Had a 4k dealer markup on the window sticker. We did not pay it. Negotiated the deal, trade in, etc. Before she signed said take off that markup or no deal. If people are...
  19. Rousch Air Intake

    They are all a waste of money.