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  1. B&O Subwoofer upgrade. What are my options?

    Hey all, 22 302a With the 8 speaker B&O system. As many others have claimed, there’s a major lack of base with this stock subwoofer. I’m looking for suggestions on what the most simple upgrade would be, just to get some more bass. Not looking for an entire system replacement. Thanks!
  2. Rear Park Aid N/Av Message

    Anyone else get this message before? Every time my truck is put in reverse, it’s appearing. I’m thinking one of the reverse sensors have gone bad. Sensors are clean and not damaged.
  3. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Been experiencing a hum/howl from the front left of my 2022 F150. It’s happened 4 times now over the 5 months I’ve owned it. 3 times at the exact same spot, going 45mph and slightly turning right. It sounds like a wheel bearing hum or howl that lasts for 15-20 seconds then goes away. Almost...
  4. MBRP exhaust on my 5.0

    Just installed MBRP cat back exhaust on my 22 F150. Sounds great, here’s a video review.
  5. Check your tailgate! Paint chipping off!

    Myself and another F150 owner have discovered an issue we both share. Paint chipping off the tailgate corner. When opened, the gate is rubbing on the torx bolt that supports the hinge. His is actually gouging the aluminum also. Anyone else having this issue? Mine is a 2022 built in KC
  6. XLT vs PLATINUM owners

  7. Halogen Headlight option?

    Was just looking over the revised order guide (5/2/22) for the 22’s and just noticed this Added: Halogen Headlamps (66H) – optional on XLT (302A) and Lariat (500A/501A) Any idea what kind of discount this option has? Also I never seen anything about this option being forced onto builds yet...