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  1. 📸 2024 F-150 Interior Facelift Revealed on 3 Trims

    those tail lights look like something i would see off of eBay (n)(n)
  2. 5.0L 0-60

    don’t forget the axle ratio matters too.
  3. Local Dealer vs Granger - lesson learned

    not to be negative or anything, but don’t forget you’re paying the new MSRP the moment you abandoned your first truck order.
  4. Swapping the Lariat rear bumper for the Tremor rear bumper

    could it be easy enough to install in the driveway and save $200??
  5. Shaking at high speed - is this normal?

    have them rotate the tires and then see the after results?
  6. B Pillar Scratches and Swirls - how to fix?

    switch to the STX/XL B pillar trim panels.
  7. Forscan to enable cargo bed lights while in motion?

    Does anybody know if there is a Forscan change available to enable the cargo bed lights while in motion? I was able to switch on the cargo bed lights during anytime on my Toyota trucks in the past. I would like to be able to see my cargo bed if i happen to be in a dark area while driving. TIA!
  8. F-150 gets back Auto Start/Stop feature starting on 3/24/23

    I do understand your point but i'm sure the majority wouldn't want to take auto start stop at the end of the day Lol. I'm not sure on how it works with other automotive makers but my Ram keeps A/C on while auto start stop is enabled.
  9. Boosted Grey Goose Designs...

    I had some questions about his product offerings. I clicked on your link and saw that he hasn’t been active on that forum since 03/08/2023.
  10. Automatic Emergency Braking - don’t rely on it

    I've personally never had any issues with PCB/AEB on any vehicles including my current F-150. I hope something like that will never happen to me. Sorry to hear and best of luck OP.
  11. Boosted Grey Goose Designs...

    Has anybody had a hard time getting in touch with BGGD? I have sent a numerous amounts of emails to never hear back from BGGD and it's quite frustrating. I wouldn't want to be giving my hard earned money to a business that can't even respond to their own emails.
  12. Dealer Messed Up Order

    still wouldn't offset the substantial price increases Ford has been doing the past 12 months.. in my opinion. i can totally understand OP's frustration because they had to re order my truck once which resulted in me paying more for the same amount of f*cking options. and in case you're...
  13. Dealer Messed Up Order

    i had a similar situation when i bought my truck. though it was because they forgot to f*cking add tow mirrors to my truck order. i kept pressing them about it and the GM of the dealership put out their own money to order me a set of tow mirrors.
  14. Thin Paint

    dealership f*cked me over when they repainted a door panel that had damage when i first took delivery of it. pisses me off until this day but oh well.
  15. Utah Heated Steering Wheel wire harness

    is the wire harness made by Ford or BGG themselves?
  16. Utah Heated Steering Wheel wire harness

    X02A or you meant 502A??
  17. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    should’ve utilized amber turn signals like the OEM one’s (n)(n)
  18. Utah Heated Steering Wheel wire harness

    how come your vehicle didn’t end up needing the harness?
  19. Apple CarPlay Tab Selected when iPhone Connects

    simply leaving wifi and bluetooth off on an iphone will not allow the phone to communicate with the truck when you first hop in.