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  1. DFW area King Ranch

    Going to take delivery a week from today. Can not wait! Just have to get through the week.
  2. Running out of gas. Does it switch to all electric (EV)?

    Hilarious posts aside, the battery is not big enough to give you very much range. Also, depending on the battery technology, it can be harmful to run a battery completely dead. I know my Sonata Hybrid warns me when the fuel gets too low that if I don't stop for fuel I could permanently damage...
  3. Powerboost Winter driving and handling characteristics

    Well, that kind of stinks, as I was hoping they would see the results of your testing/videos and start working on a reprogram of the braking algorithm. But the easy fix is to tell us all to use slippery mode. Thanks for all your effort to get the right people engaged. Maybe they'll continue...
  4. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    Tried multiple devices and multiple browsers to see if I could get a pop-up or 5 to pay this forward, but no luck, and I am in Dallas (referencing Travis' use of a Dallas VPN location to get the pop-up over and over again). Some of us must be black listed every which way possible. Sorry, but...
  5. Ecoboost Oil and Filters

    I did quite a bit of looking both internet and a local run into Autozone, and the two oils that list the new Ford requirement / spec (-961A) out of the manual someone posted on another thread were Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic, and Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic. Both were of course also...
  6. Are tires the limiting factor on the "Yellow Sticker" number (Truck Cargo/Occupant Weight Capacity)?

    None of us have enough information to know what the limiting factor is on these payload numbers. On some trucks it can be power/gearing related, on others it may be braking capacity related, frame strength, axle strength, spring ratings, wheel strength, or tire rating, or it may just be the...
  7. Towing Specs Consolidated Document - Bumper vs. Class IV vs. Tow vs. Max Tow - UPDATED DOC v4

    I believe there are two separate 9.75" Axles, a regular semi-floating axle for everything without Max Tow, and then the HD 9.75" axle which is a "3/4 floating" design. I would assume the PB & EB come with the regular semi-floating 9.75" axle unless they have Max Tow, and then they would get the...
  8. Pro Power on HEV Battery Only

    We haven’t gotten any hail to my knowledge in Rockwall, but then again I just got home from work. That protector is seriously cool. Hope the rest of your property is fine. Looked small enough to not be too bad, but I’m glad you could protect your shiny new aluminum truck, because that might...
  9. Anyone Done Their First Oil Change on a PowerBoost?

    Sorry for more questions, but which direction is the drain plug oriented? Is it on the the side of the pan pointing to the side, on the back of the pan pointing back, or on the bottom of the pan pointing down? I'm trying to get a feel for how well a Fumoto Drain Valve would work, and how safe...
  10. Anyone Done Their First Oil Change on a PowerBoost?

    So is it a standard metal drain plug in a metal oil pan, or is it a plastic oil pan with one of those stupid yellow plastic drain plugs? Thanks!
  11. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    Thank you so much Stephen! I won’t stop trying to get one so that I can pay it forward if I ever get lucky.
  12. 2021 F150 Forscan

    So when you switch to High Beams, It leaves the Low Beams lit, and you can also independently put your fog lights on, regardless of high or low? Does this impact the automatic High Beams?
  13. 2021 F150 Forscan

    For F-150 Newbies, what the hell is Bambi?
  14. Ford Truck Month promotion coming next month says Ford!

    Please check 75087 for a King Ranch 600A. Thanks!
  15. Feedback Requested on Limited w/ PB Towing Inbound Jayco Travel Trailer

    Thanks for that info. There have been enough people with similar setups that I'm pretty confident I can do what I want, but yeah, a more expensive aluminum trailer is probably going to be the best solution. I feel for all the folks trying to figure out how to pull big campers with their...
  16. Feedback Requested on Limited w/ PB Towing Inbound Jayco Travel Trailer

    That would be a heavy piece of plastic. Of course the good news on that if it is true, is that it is easy to remove. If removing that and say the tailgate gives someone 100 - 150lbs more of easy payload, it might help us stay legal easier while approaching the max tow trailer weights. I keep...
  17. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    No luck again yesterday. Seems like most of the people that have gotten one lately have gotten it via snail mail.
  18. Pro Power on HEV Battery Only

    Those things aren't even that expensive. I'd like this sort of protective bubble for parking lot idiots too, I just cannot convince my wife to park way out in the outskirts of a lot and walk a little further to avoid door dings.