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  1. Remind me what the extended warranty sweet spot is? 100k/7 years?

    I'd argue that it's priced based on an insurance ri$k assessment. So if they designed it to be exactly what you describe, it'd just cost more to reflect it. Or put another way, the price for their 10 year ESP coverage is very likely how much a 7 year extended warranty that you describe would...
  2. 2023 XL 4x4 2.7 PP SC First Week Impressions

    First I've ever heard of an oem F150 described as riding like a stiffly suspended SuperDuty. I've always felt they come way underdamped, even for a fairly lightly sprung truck. Aftermarket shocks are the lowest hanging fruit for an F150 ride, in my opinion. Just goes to show how subjective...
  3. APIM still wont update

    My snarky reply: So somebody side-loaded a new software build version on to the APIM. They force-overwrote the firmware. Perhaps another way to say the same thing? They jailbroke it! 🤣😁
  4. F-150 gets back Auto Start/Stop feature starting on 3/24/23

    Yep. It's deleted and NOT because of a constraint. :)
  5. Did my truck automatically stop while backing up?

    I have to backup about a 100 yards when I'm leaving the tiny house. This feature now requires me to keep mother nature pruned much better than in the past. :) I keep a pair of hedge clippers in the SideXside these days so that when I check the mail or fetch from the delivery box up front, I...
  6. Feature: Auto shift into park

    I am slow and deliberate with the console shifter. It's now a habit to be so. I remember the first time I ever used it I didn't get the feeling that it was robust and could take much abuse. So I can teach an old dog new tricks. :)
  7. Anti-Sway bars questions

    I'm 65 years old. I have a 2 post lift in my barn. I didn't even go through the effort to use the lift. Admittedly my belly had me entering either behind the axle or in front of it, as I attached everything. (loosely, before tightening everything down) I am not able to easily slide under...
  8. F-150 gets back Auto Start/Stop feature starting on 3/24/23

    Ummmmm Your Powerboost is the posterchild of auto stop/start. :) And Ironically, it does NOT have the auto stop/start that is being discussed. It never has had it, and it's never been deleted.
  9. Adding Auto Level to Projector Headlamps

    Takes 2 minutes. Try it. It doesn't hurt anything. Just pretend that you have analog adjustable shocks and you got out and dialed them all to firmest setting. Because unplugging one of these electric ones is doing just that!
  10. 2021 Job 1 Trucks that aren't getting updates

    If I was going to have to pay for updates, the dealership isn't going to get the money. :)
  11. Replacing CCD suspension with Fox or King

    Yes. I unplugged the driver's side rear shock. And just as the service manual described, the system defaults all 4 shocks to maximum damping. It would be similar to having analog adjustable shocks and dialing them to max. Although, in my opinion, my Fox 2.5 DSC setup on my 2018 F150, when...
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    7.75? Which motor is that?
  13. Powerboost CEL P237C/Exhaust Heat Exchanger Leak Megathread

    I have a FANTASTIC relationship with a few people at a particular dealership. So much so that I have purchased my Fords from them for just short of a quarter of a century. But the service department? I don't trust them one bit. They lied straight to my face once just to sell me an air filter. I...
  14. Automatic Emergency Braking - don’t rely on it

    Lots of threads regarding adding in the feature(s) for either trucks that came without, or trucks that had factory deletes. So you don't have Adaptive Cruise Control? Although Ford leverages many of the various modules to support multiple features, that radar sensor primarily is what enables...
  15. Powerboost CEL P237C/Exhaust Heat Exchanger Leak Megathread

    You must know how I feel about that. It's absolutely ridiculous. It's making up rules that impede the ability to provide customer service without ANY logical or defendable reasoning. It's nothing short of arrogance and abuse of imagined authority. They wonder why the relationship is...
  16. Automatic Emergency Braking - don’t rely on it

    My pleasure Login to your Ford account in a browser. (Ford.com) Go to the menu and "My Account" <>"Vehicle Dashboard" You can download your 750 page owners manual. Way easier than viewing it in Sync!
  17. Powerboost CEL P237C/Exhaust Heat Exchanger Leak Megathread

    A year ago it was 3 month wait for a $1000.00 part Today its a 10¢ o-ring Amazing what a little time and some field data and some communication can accomplish.
  18. Automatic Emergency Braking - don’t rely on it

    A bit confusing: Brake Support: The system is designed to help reduce the impact speed by preparing the brakes for rapid braking. The system does not automatically apply the brakes. If you press the brake pedal, the system could apply additional braking up to maximum braking force, even if you...