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  1. 5.0L V8 Front diff fluid change, is friction modifier needed?

    I know on the rear diff, with electronic locking, friction modified is not required but what about the front? Is it required in the front with the 75w85 hypoid gear oil?
  2. Front Diff Cover Replacement w/ Lifted Trucks, will 8.8" Cover work?

    I know for non-lifted trucks there is little to no room to remove the front diff cover but on lifted trucks there is plenty of room. My question is on the 2021 F-150's, is the front diff a regular 8.8"? I was going to get a spicer 8.8" rear cover and see if it would work up front. Dana F150/...
  3. New 5.0L Transmission Pan and 9.75 Rear Diff Cover Installed

    Had fun working on my truck this weekend. I ended up getting a PPE transmission pan for Christmas along with a Ford Performance diff cover for my 2021 F150 5.0L Rocky Ridge K2. I used a LubeLocker gasket with the diff cover, very simple install. One detail though, if you use this or the Spicer...
  4. Just changed Oil at 5K miles. Engine running so much quieter WOW !

    I changed my oil in my 21 F150 5.0l and used Valvoline 5w30 Extended Protection Full Synthetic and can't believe how much it quiet things down. At a stop light I had to keep looking at my RPM to see if it shut off or not. I have always been a Mobil One guy but heard good things about this...
  5. Forscan Bambi Mode Stopped Working

    Has anyone checked their Bambi mode that had it enabled for several months? I went to verify it tonight and when I turned on the high beams the fog lights don't turn on anymore. I went into Forscan and it's config correctly. 🤔 726-39-02 0100 - 0000 - 0069 Any ideas?????
  6. Right Fog Light LED DRL Flickering

    Has anyone had any issues with the DRL LED fog lights flickering? It is just the DRL LED beam in the right fog light that is doing it. I tried unplugging it and plugging back in with no positive results. May end up taking it to the dealer as I think it’s the light assembly itself but just wanted...
  7. Rocky Ridge Truck Owners. Got Skid Plates?

    I have a 2021 Rocky Ridge truck and was wondering if any other owners have found any aftermarket skid plates that will work with the 6” lift. As you know they remove all the factory plates and nothing is protected. I’ve looked at RCI, and it appears they don’t have anything that will fit. Has...
  8. Here's another one... 2021 F150 Safety Recall 22S12 Wiper Motor Stop Working / Inoperable or Erratic

    Alright boys and girls here we go again with another safety recall for the 2021 F150. 2021 F150 Safety Recall 22S12 Wiper Motor Stop Working / Inoperable or Erratic More info can be found here...
  9. Washington Sold: SOLD VXDIAG VCX Nano (Red) Ford

    SOLD 3-18-2022 Selling a one month old VCX Nano. (Red Ford) It's in great working condition and comes with Original box. $70 Shipped.
  10. Locking Fuel Door\Cap to Keep High $$$ Gas Thieves Out!!

    Has anyone found a locking cap\fuel door to keep gas thieves out? With gas prices going up we are seeing more scumbags trying to steal it. I know if someone wants it bad enough they will drill the tank or pry it off but didn't know if anything was out their to secure our "easy fill \ easy steal"...
  11. Washington 2021 Ford F-150 OE Mirror Cap Driver Side

    2021 Ford F-150 Mirror Cap Driver Side. Only has 1500 miles on it, I ended up with buying painted ones. This cap is in perfect cosmetic condition, just a little dirty. $55 shipped. Will take paypal.
  12. FDRS Upcoming Updates Information

    Any new information of additional updates coming down as far as February 9th and later? I know there is supposed to be one coming this month or next for the TRM DTC and the APIM "Fix" for OTA updates. Any new updates for another power-up beyond OTA v2.3?
  13. Rear Tailgate Camera Quality

    Is the picture quality of the rear tailgate camera just naturally bad with 12” Sync screen? I don’t know if it’s normal but seems real blurry and fuzzy. Tried to make sure the lens was clean too. Might need to have the dealer check it out but wanted to hear from others.
  14. Recall #21S56 - Loose / Sagging Underbody Insulators (Driveshaft Fracture Hazard)

    Looks Like a recall is out for Loose/Sagging Underbody Insulators. My truck is a F150 XLT CrewCab 5.5ft bed with 302a package. Not sure how many this is affecting. Dec 16,2021 Manufacturer Recall Number21S56 NHTSA Recall Number21V986 You can see this accessing your Ford details on the...
  15. For those who want to upgrade to 12” Dash or 12” Sync4!

    Just came across this but spendy $2800!!! They are claiming they can do the conversion. https://www.infotainment.com/collections/all/products/2021-2022-ford-f-150-12-full-digital-speedometer-cluster-upgrade Also mention able to upgrade to the 12” Sync4 system…...