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  1. Not F-150, but sync related.

    Hello everyone. This question is for anyone who has owned a vehicle with Sync 3 and its variants. My brother just purchased a 2020 Escape Titanium and when I was looking at it yesterday, I noticed on the screen that there is a menu for software updates. I clicked it and it shows auto updates...
  2. Bluecruise Subscription cost.

    Has anyone asked what it will cost to keep Bluecruise active once your free trial ends. I like it and would like to keep it, unless the cost is astronomical .
  3. What prompts the truck to enter deep sleep mode ?

    What prompts the truck to enter deep sleep mode ? Is it battery state of charge , inactivity over a set period of time or a combination of both? I am away on vacation and the truck sits at home connected to a battery tender. I received a message on Ford pass that my truck has entered deep sleep...
  4. New York Explorer Wheels

    Does anyone have 18x8 wheels to fit an 2020 XLT Explorer. I believe wheels from 2015 and up will work. Thanks.
  5. F150 Technology Vs Mother Nature!

    I was at my brother in laws cabin over the weekend and we had a wicked thunderstorm. Lots of lighting strikes close by and heavy rain. Big flash of lighting and truck lights turn on. Headlights and taillights. Try to use Fordpass to turn off. Nothing. Use Ford pass to lock and unlock truck...
  6. OTA 2.7.3

    Does anyone know what is included in this update. Just wondering.
  7. Wiper arm recall Campaign/NHTSA 22S26/22V250

    21 Platinum, Job 1 Built 6/23/21. I received a recall notice for the wiper arms to possibly preform erratically. The arms may come loose or possibly fall off. Parts won't be available until late 2nd quarter . Nice to know your wipers could fail when you need them the most. Buying a new redesign...
  8. Ford Power Up

    What happens to an OTA update if you are not connected to a wifi network. I am away from home for the next month and my truck is with me, but where I am staying does not have a reliable wifi network. Will the update remain active in the system until I return home or does it expire, which then...
  9. Getting my New Platinum next week

    Hello everyone! I am finally getting my Platinum early next week. Ordered on Jan 25th, finally built on June 23rd and delivered to my dealer yesterday. It wasn't supposed to be in until July 19th according to the tracker site. I got a pleasant surprise when it showed up. Funny thing is my window...