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  1. 2021 F150 Door Rattle Help!

    I see you joined yesterday. Welcome to the site. There are a lot of members that might have a better solution than mine, all you have to do is wait for responses.
  2. 2021 F150 Door Rattle Help!

    I just typed in '2021 F150 door panel removal' on YouTube and saw a video on removing the entire panel. It might be possible that the panel you have outlined will not be removable as a single unit without removing the entire panel. Good luck tracking this problem. I absolutely hate squeaks...
  3. 2021 F150 Door Rattle Help!

    YouTube would be a good source for info on door panel removal.
  4. F150 Powerboost Axle bolt sheared off

    Ford would care if more dissatisfied owners dumped their Ford for a GM or Ram. If I have too many issues with a truck, I'll switch manufacturers. I'm NOT brand loyal at all.
  5. DIY - Bed divider & extender

    Nice design! Here's what I did.
  6. Bed camera being deleted from 360 camera package

    I feel the same. I bought a 21 September build and have all of the options that are being deleted, except for the auto start/stop which I didn't want anyway. I guess I'll keep the 21 for a little bit longer than I originally thought.
  7. Quality Issues. Am I Being Too Picky?

    At $72,000 you should smile all day long about your purchase. You are not being picky at all.
  8. Sirius Black (after hitting a moose on maiden drive)

    Did Bullwinkle make it or is he DOA?
  9. Powerboost full door pull string?

    That set-up would never work in the climate I'm in. Huge wheel well turds are common in Minnesota during winter.
  10. Rats eating my truck

    Go buy the biggest cat you can find.
  11. EcoBoost badging on a PowerBoost F-150?

    You have a rare truck. It might be worth millions.
  12. Steering feels stiff

    15 below where I'm located in Minnesota and my steering is also a little stiff. Transmission also takes for ever to warm up.
  13. Would you rather?

    Rust on the diff can eventually reach under the cover gasket and cause leaking.
  14. First truck EVER - 22 XLT 5.0L

    Enjoy your truck. I really like mine.
  15. Fake exhaust sounds with a 5.0?

    Too much information for me to process all at once.
  16. Paint bubble in flatbed, do I care?

    Trucks are meant to be used but not abused. Every truck I've owned has shown dents, scratches and such after a short while of ownership. Maybe scratch the heck out of the bed and that paint bubble will disappear. Or just buy a bed mat.
  17. What Past Ford Paint Color Would You Like to See Come Back?

    Nobody wants LeadFoot back?
  18. Any idea what the heck this is?

    What is 'fully synthetic gas'? I've never heard of it.
  19. 5.0....Car wash = Fun

    And probably in a Ford Galaxy.