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  1. Found the key to great MPG

    Went on a road trip this weekend to the eastern shore of Maryland and beaches of Delaware. Holy crap that changed everything with my MPG. I am coming from southern MD so by no means a super hilly or mountainous region. But around there I generally get 21-22 mpg. Loaded my kids and a little...
  2. Settings keep resetting

    Have a 22 PB lariat with 1500 miles on it. The first instance was one time I got in and started the truck and was on my way. Came to a stop and took my foot off the brake as I have had auto hold on since day 1. Well I was very surprised when the truck lurched forward as the auto hold setting...
  3. Normal for bak revolver x4s

    Was wondering if this raised little section near the cab was "normal". I have a feeling it isnt. Both my rails came bent and i tried to straighten them as I needed the cover on ASAP.
  4. Powerboost with no generator?

    Has anyone ever seen a powerboost without the generator before. A buddy is looking at trucks and found one and there is no mention of it on the window sticker. He also said the dealer said it didnt have one. I was under the assumption it had to have the 2kw at the minimum but idk.
  5. 4th of july sales?

    My truck is almost to me, figured I would try and see if I could find any good sales. Looking to get a bakflip revolver x4s and any discount helps.
  6. Who has the most parts??

    Well I am in the hell that is the f150 custom order waiting game. Figured it would be interesting to play a little game. Who has the most parts in their possession for a truck they yet to have? So i will start and its a measly 2 parts. Fenders and LED lights because of course that was to much...
  7. Wheel well liner sale

    Happened to check stage 3 motorsports and they have the 2021/22 wheel well liners on sale for $109. Picked some up for my lariat that will be here soon hopefully.
  8. Tools/gadgets for the powerboost

    Fingers crossed my 22 Lariat PB gets built this week. Wondering what tools or gadgets other PB owners like to keep in the bed or cab to utilize the pro power. I was thinking of keeping an air compressor of some kind in the bed. Probably keep an additional charger for my power tools. So tell...