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  1. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    Can you share the number and location of the fuse?
  2. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    I am extremely annoyed. This is the third time for me since the beginning of the year. WTF Ford!
  3. Recall: Fracturing Front Axle Pinion on 2023 Ford F-150, 4x4s. May Cause Front Wheels to Lock Up

    I hate to say it, but some people in production need to be fired. There has to be some accountability with some of these employees. If the UAW wants a better contract, they need to reign in these people/mistakes.
  4. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    Was out for two separate one week periods since receiving my truck at end of last year. Both times it resumed it seemed to have updated. It has now been working for the past two weeks.
  5. Just seen this on FB, Could it be True? 1.7.1 pushed through OTA ?????

    I lost communication twice for a week at a time since getting my truck late last year. It seems this happened due to updates. I just got communication back with the same update. I had to turn off the predictive destination feature. I hope I don't lose communication for a week every time...
  6. Anyone else having issues with connectivity? Have deleted account from Ford Pass done numerous master resets, taken truck to dealer and no luck.

    Picked up my 2023 in late December and twice for one week periods I lost connectivity. I think it has something to do with updates, because each time it started working there were new features. In both outages Ford Pass was not working. Currently everything is working fine.
  7. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    Same problem here. Stopped working for a week, then worked for a week. Now stopped working a week ago.
  8. The dreaded Sync strike-through cloud icon reappears.

    2023 with Sync 4. Lost cloud communication for about a week earlier this month and then starting working again but only for one week. Now the cloud communication is out again. Anyone else have this happen? With Ford Pass, I get the message "you can't start your vehicle because it hasn't moved...
  9. STOP delivery on some F-150 due to 10-speed auto transmission recall -- loose bolt / park pawl issue

    I may have dodged a bullet here. Just checked my vin at this site: Check for Recalls: Vehicle, Car Seat, Tire, Equipment | NHTSA Here's the issue: During a quality assurance review at the transmission plant, certain transmissions were flagged for review, which included a re-assembly of the...
  10. 2023 XL SuperCrew, Phantom TPMS fault, no Ford Pass, and no Navigation

    Got in my truck this morning and TPMS fault gone, Nav working, and Ford Pass working. I guess it must have updated somehow.
  11. New OTA Software being pushed out (This is 3.5.3 but for 2022 model year trucks)

    Not sure if all this is related, but I have no communication at all. After a couple weeks, no Ford Pass and no navigation on same day as bogus TPMS fault. 2023 received on 12/29. I have a service appointment scheduled. Would checking vin be possible?
  12. 2023 XL SuperCrew, Phantom TPMS fault, no Ford Pass, and no Navigation

    Pickup up Truck 12/29 and had no problems until last week. First the TPMS fault and later that day no Ford Pass or Navigation. I've read that unplugging the TCU may be a remedy, but is there something easier like removing a particular fuse? Also, Is there a way to lower the large section of the...
  13. Ford Pass not updating/working.

    Where is this TCU located? Last week I got an alert about low tire pressure on one tire, but the display showed all the pressures were the same. I checked all with a gauge to verify pressures were good. Ford Pass also displayed the alert and later that day I was unable to perform any remote...
  14. Looks like another axle bolt shear…

    I posed the question earlier. Why not go with a 12.9 hardness bolt instead of a 10.9?
  15. Looks like another axle bolt shear…

    Would it make sense to replace the 10.9 bolt with a harder 12.9 bolt?
  16. Will the Ford drop in bedliner fit with the tonneau cover?

    Just picked up my '23 F150 with a 6.5 bed and the factory folding tonneau cover. My question is will the Ford drop in liner fit with the tonneau cover? Any feedback on fitment or install is appreciated.
  17. MY23 Shipping Yet?

    Good Point. I didn't think of that.