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  1. Driving aid I didn't know existed...did you? ECO Mode driving coach

    EV Coach and Eco coach are completely separate things. Ev coach gives you the blue bar along the bottom under acceleration and braking and shows you when you are in electric driving mode etc... Eco coach gives you the green v notch in the speed o to show optimal acceleration and braking. This...
  2. How to determine trailer length?

    word of advice, write down the dimensions somewhere like on paper, in your phone and keep it handy the truck will randomly forget the measurements and replace them with the default values - lame
  3. Driving aid I didn't know existed...did you? ECO Mode driving coach

    The gauge is now digital. At least it was on the truck that I rented last year.
  4. Driving aid I didn't know existed...did you? ECO Mode driving coach

    In the instrumentation cluster menu. Under settings I believe, it’s called eco coach. If you enable that it will show up in normal mode.
  5. Ford Canada Compared To Ford US Web Sites Rant.

    the vehicle-dashboard is pathetic on the .ca site
  6. Powerboost Things to consider-After Purchase

    LOL exactly, higher risk of cat theft
  7. Ford Power Up Wiki facing possible deletion.

    convert it to a google sheet and say to heck with wiki another option could be to create a power-up sub group in this forum and each power-up becomes it's own thread we have ways to achieve the goal, not worth the effort fighting wiki over it
  8. Snow buildup on LED headlights

    All my vehicles for the past ~10 years have been equipped with LED headlights. LED lights do not generate as much heat as a xenon or halogen for example however I have never found it to be an issue or a safety concern on the f150 in comparison to other vehicles with LED main headlights.
  9. Check lifetime fuel efficiency (mpg)

    I have always kept trip 1 on every car I have had as the lifetime.
  10. Bypassing the deactivation of assistive features when 4-pin connecting trailer wiring?

    FYI... Dielectric grease is non conductive. Go ahead and glob it on, won't conduct and won't short
  11. Post Your Tint Setup!

    Llumar FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic 30% on the front windows.
  12. How to use FORScan to recalibrate speedometer for bigger tires

    Coming from German vehicles, the speedo has always indicated a higher speed than gps/radar/laser not a bad thing
  13. 2021 Tail light issue, need help.

    Just notified today that I do have rear DRL. They only turn on when you put the truck in gear. In park they are off which is why I never saw them on before.
  14. 3.5.4 glitch - ford navigation defaulting distance to miles?

    Just to update the thread I called Ford customer customer relations here in Canada - they are aware of the issue and will be pushing out a fix, no eta.
  15. Dash Cam Hardwire issue

    I used a micro2 tap kit from Amazon that fit perfect.
  16. 3.5.4 glitch - ford navigation defaulting distance to miles?

    It's been 10 days, the truck has been power cycled 30+ times since. Tried the reboot as you mentioned probably 5 or so times since as well. This looks like a legit software bug @Ford Motor Company