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  1. 2023 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate 1500

    This should be my final day of F150 Platinum 4X4 Powerboost ownership. The new GMC refresh is the winner for me. I've had a number of GM performance cars over the years but never a GM truck. That's fixing to change tomorrow if the weather cooperates and the tonneau cover arrives and gets...
  2. Android auto map

    So I hop in the truck this afternoon and once the screen loads and Android auto map pops up, the map portion of the screen is "daytime" even though the rest is dark /night mode I didn't really mess with it except for the maps setting and no day/dark toggle. What gives? I run dark all the time as...
  3. Had my first need for soft reset today.

    I'd been out to the marina this morning and when I was done waxing my hull, I stopped to toss some stuff into the trash bin. I shut off the truck when I did. Hopped back in, started it and I had two screens overlayed. No way to close either. Once I got home I shut down the truck and unloaded the...
  4. Navigation - Android Auto

    So, I'm an old fart that has an "if it works, why try something else" mindset. Anyway, I upgraded my phone from a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra a couple of weeks ago. The phone immediately got Android Auto running and the "button" along the bottom of the screen showed up...
  5. Powerboost no start

    Do6i have had an issue with the truck not starting. It turns on briefly and all the warning lights come on. The first 2 times it started within an hour with the check engine light on. The dealership couldn't duplicate and downloaded a tsb fix the first try. Anyway, it didn't fix itself this time...
  6. Ford Accessories - Bed Mat - Impact

    Has anyone purchased one. It looks a lot like a Bedrug in black. I've had Bedrug full liners and xlt mats in previous trucks and stumbled across this one and I could use Fordpass points even though it's maybe 30ish dollars more than I could get a Bedrug xlt for. Are there any owners on here?
  7. I am not a robot..... Captcha

    Anyone else getting that pop-up when loading this site?
  8. Shorty antenna installed

    Received my antenna from American Trucks today. Haven't checked reception yet.
  9. Predictive destination?

    Or something like that... Is anyone using it? It popped up on my nav screen today. It was showing my neighbors address as the destination. I'm guessing the nav was sending me home. That brings up another question. Can the on board GPS be calibrated? Years ago you could go to an empty parking...
  10. Anyone install tailgate light strips yet?

    Has any been installed on these 2021's yet? I don't think they are as popular as they were. I was going to put one on my Ram but it was a bit of a wiring pain in the keister. Can one be plugged in the 4 way trailer plug and have it function without the truck thinking there's a trailer...
  11. Auto Climate Control

    I've had ACC on cars and trucks for literally decades. So I do understand the system.... usually.... This one has me a little bit confused. Maybe a senior moment... Anyway, I don't understand the actual "auto" button. Typically it turns it on and off. This one seems to be the fan speed button...
  12. Dark mode / night mode for SYNC screen?

    Is there a setting to get a "dark mode" on the 12" screen during the without headlights on? I don't just want to dim or brighten the screen.
  13. Officially a 2021 F150 Platinum owner

    I've been going back and forth with F150 and Ram for years now. It is the F150's turn now. It's a major improvement over the 2016 F150 King Ranch I had before the Ram 1500 Limited 4X4. The Ram was a great truck. So far so good with the F150. The worst thing I came across was the power running...
  14. SiriusXM channels.

    Do the 2021's get the channels in the 300's? Like Red, White & Booze, Yacht Rock, etc?
  15. Anyone really understand Max Tow Package?

    Does anyone really understand that package? I'm looking at an inbound truck that was ordered with the max tow pkg and I just can't figure out how it is $1800+ on a Platinum when a lot of stuff seems to be duplicated. Confused old fart....