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  1. Anyone's dash doing this?

    I know the previous gen F150's had a lot of dash warping issues, but is it an issue with the 21s? My searches yielded nothing, but my dash tells me otherwise.
  2. Updated Active Air Dam Part #?

    I need to go to my dealer for and oil change and for my active air dam issue. I read on the form there are updated parts, but no one has posted a part number. Does anyone have a part number so I can bring this to my dealer?
  3. Headliner rattle above the driver in the cold

    Well, my Bluecruise issue has been resolved! On to the next one. When the weather is below freezing my headliner makes a rattle noise or almost a sticking / unsticking noise. I do have a pano roof, but it sounds headliner related. If the temperature is warmer, no noise at all. I'm...
  4. Blown speaker? Bad sound listening to podcasts

    My truck is going in on Thursday to hopefully get Bluecruise working, but I've noticed a weird issue with the sound in my 8 speaker B&O. Fwiw I just bought my truck used with 10k miles on it. Recently I noticed When listening to podcasts in my truck that it sounds like either a roof speaker...
  5. Can you adjust the speedometer for the larger tire size?

    Just wondering if there is a calibrator to adjust the speedometer correctly for oversized tires.
  6. Semi let down at the reveal

    I was expecting more of a reveal. I was hoping to see pictures of the actual trucks in different trims besides Platinum. I love the tech and interior changes I had a 2015 F150 for 5 years that I just go rid of in January. Things I'm still wondering and would like to see: - Just more...